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Yeovilton 1978

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Date: 5 August 1978

Made by: Ron Nieuwland, Clive Newland

Updated: 3 November 2002

S-3A 		159752/AB-701	USN VS-32
A-6E 		160428/AB-500	USN VA-34
F-14A 		159024/AB-105	USN VF-14
F-8E 		25 		FN 14F
Etendard IVM 	16 		FN 17F
MS760 		32 		FN 2S
Sk35XD 		AT-152		RDAF 729 Esk
F-5E 		01534		USAFE
RF-4C 		69-0382/AR	USAFE
F-4E		74-1636		USAFE
Lynx 		265/K 		MLD 7 Sqn
Gazelle HT.2 	XX397/CU43	705 sq 
Wasp		XV639/441 	829 sq
Wessex 		XM836/657 	737 sq
Canberra 	WH780/853	FRADU
Canberra	WH797/851 	FRADY
Hunter GA11 	XE689/864
Gannet AEW.3    XL482/LM849 	849 sq
Sea Fury T 	WG655/910GN 	FAAHF
Tiger Moth 	T8191 		FAAHF
Dragon Rapide   NF875/CH603 	FAAHF
Sea Fury FB11   TF956/T123 	FAAHF
Firefly 	WB271/R204 	FAAHF
Swordfish 	LS326/5A 	FAAHF
Sea Hawk 	WV908/A188	FAAHF
Meteor TT.20 	WM292
Gannet T.5 	XG883/BY773
Gannet T.2 	XA508/GN627
G91 		30+85		GAF WS50
F-104		D-8280 		KLu 312 sqn
		D-8257		KLu nb

Bulldog	T1	XX515/7		RNEFTS
Bulldog	T1	XX530/12	RNEFTS
Bulldog	T1	XX532/15	RNEFTS
Spitfire 	AB910/QJ-J
Hurricane   	LF363/LE-D
Harrier		XV748/B		233 OCU
Harrier		XV753/C		233 OCU
Jaguar 		XX759/19 	226 OCU 
Buccaneer	XT273		237 OCU
Buccaneer	XV355		237 OCU
Hawk		XX161/161 	CFS 
Hawk		XX224/224	4 FTS
Phantom 	XV572/N		43 sq
Vulcan 		XH557 		9 sq
Harrier T52 	G-VTOL/ZA250
F-104G		26+70 		MFG1
F-104G		26+88 		MFG1
Hovercraft CC-7	XX101
Wessex HU5	XS486/WW	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS498/WQ	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS509/WP (spare)707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS517/WV	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT475/WN	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT476/WS	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT479/WX	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT483/WU	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT756/WM	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT771/WR	707 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT469/PO514	772 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT773/PO510	772 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS480/Z		845 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS483/W		845 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS513/Y		845 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XS520/F		845 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT465/X		845 sq		Mass Atack
Wessex HU5	XT760/B		845 sq		Mass Atack
Gazelle HT2	XW860/CU44	Sharks (spare)
Gazelle HT2	XW861/CU59	Sharks 
Gazelle HT2	XW868/CU50	Sharks 
Gazelle HT2	XW890/CU53	Sharks
Gazelle HT2	XW895/CU51	Sharks 
Hercules 	XV186		Falcons support
Hunters 	WT804/831	Blue Herons
Hunters 	WT806/838	Blue Herons
Hunters 	WV267/836	Blue Herons
Hunters 	XE682/835	Blue Herons
Hunters 	WT723/866	Blue Herons (spare)
Hunters 	WT744/868	Blue Herons (spare)
Hunters GA.11	XE685/861			Mass Attack
Hunters GA.11	XF368/863			Mass Attack
Hunters GA.11	WT809/867			Mass Attack
Hunters GA.11	XE716/834			Mass Attack
Lynx HAS.2	XZ230/741	702 sq
Lynx HAS.2	XZ231/742	702 sq
Lynx HAS.2	XZ240/744	702 sq
Lynx HAS.2	XZ242/341-AG 	HMS Avenger
Lynx HAS.2	XZ244/743-AD 	HMS Ardent
Sea King HAS.1  XV648/CU591	706 sq
Sea King HAS.1  XV649/CU588	706 sq
Sea King HAS.2	XV699/143	826 sq
Sea King HAS.2	XZ571/140-TG	826 sq
Harvard 	FT323 		(G-AZSC)
Varsity T.1 	WJ897 		(G-BDFT)

Far side:
Canberra T.4 	WJ874/858 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WJ717/841 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WK123/840 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WK126/843 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WJ574/844 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WJ614/846 	FRADU 
Canberra TT.18	WK142/848 	FRADU 
Canberra T.22 	WT510/854 	FRADU 
Canberra T.22 	WT525/855 	FRADU 
Canberra T.22 	WT535/852 	FRADU 

Hangar 13:
Canberra TT.18 	WE122/845	FRADU
Canberra T.4 	WJ866/859	FRADU
Hunters GA.11 	WW654/833	FRADU
Hunters T.8	XL584/871	FRADU
Hunters T.8	WT722/873	FRADU
Hunters T.8	XF358/875	FRADU
Hunters T.8	XF357/877	FRADU
Hunters T.8	WT799/879	FRADU

Hangar 12:
Hunters T.8	XL598/870	FRADU
Hunters T.8	XF289/872	FRADU
Hunters T.8	XF985/876	FRADU

 Hangar 2:
Wessex HAS.1 	XM843
Wessex HAS.1 	XP158/CU552 
Wessex HU.5	XS749
Wessex HU.5	XS489
Wessex HU.5	XS491/LS812
Wessex HU.5	XT456
Wessex HU.5	XT463
Wessex HU.5	XT470
Wessex HU.5	XT473/61
Wessex HU.5	XT761
Wessex HU.5	XT769

Hangar 3:
Wessex HU.5	XT453/G-VL	845 sq
Lynx		XZ238/SS450 	702 sq HMS Sirius

Hangar 4:
P-531 		XN334(A2525)

Hangar 5:
Wessex HAS.1  	XM874 		NASU (fuselage only)
Wessex HAS.1  	XS882
Wessex HAS.1  	XS889/523
Wessex HU.5	XS489
Wessex HU.5	XS493
Wessex HU.5	XT450
Wessex HU.5	XT459
Wessex HU.5	XT464
Wessex HU.5	XT468
Wessex HU.5	XT484
Lynx		XZ229/740	702 sq
Lynx		XZ234
Lynx		XZ243/327AL 	HMS Alacrity

Hangar 6:
Wessexen HU.5	XS516/Q		845 sq
Wessexen HU.5	XT448/S		845 sq
Wessexen HU.5	XT458/P		845 sq
Wessexen HU.5	XT472/M		845 sq
Wessexen HU.5	XT451/M-H

Hangar 8:
Wessex		XS888/521
Wessex		XS512/WT 	707 sq.

Hangar 9:
Heron 		XM296		FONAC 
Chipmunk 	WB657 
Chipmunk 	WP906		wreck
Chipmunk 	WK574

Sea Venom FAW22 XG737
Dragonfly HR.3  WG718
Sea Prince C.1 	WF137
Sea Prince C.1 	WJ350 
Sea Prince C.2 	WM756
Canberra B.2 	WJ677
Canberra T.4 	WT475
Hunter T.8 	WT772
Whirlwind HAS.7 XL852/55 
Gannet AEW.3 	XL480

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