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Leuchars 2001

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Date: 15 September 2001

Made by: David Miller


XT864	BJ	Phantom FGR.1		43/111 Sq markings	At main gate 
XV582	M	Phantom FGR.1	        111 Sq. markings	             
ZE288	AT	Tornado F.3	        56 Sq.	                             
ZA469	TM	Tornado GR.1	        XV Sq.	                             
ZE963	GE	Tornado F.3	        43 Sq.	                             
ZH102	02	Sentry AEW.3	        8/23 Sq.	                     
XV260	60	Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss MRW	                     
ZZ174		C-17 Globemaster	99 Sq	
XV105		VC-10			10 Sq.	   
ZF350	350	Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	   
XX218		Hawk T.1A	        19 Sq.	   
XX162		Hawk T.1	        CAM	   
ZD406	35	Harrier GR.7	        4 Sq.	   
XZ398		Jaguar GR.3		41( F ) Sq.
XZ355	FJ	Jaguar GR.3		41( F ) Sq.
XX724	GC	Jaguar GR.3		54( F ) Sq.
XX500	H	Jetstream T.1		45( R ) Sq.
XX484	566/CU	Jetstream T.2	        750 NAS	   
XV650	181/CU	Sea King AEW.2	        849 NAS	   
ZA135	705/PW	Sea King HAS.6	        819 NAS	   
ZH889	889	Hercules C.5	        LTW	   
		Hercules C.3		Falcons Support A/C
ZB684		Gazelle AH.1		Blue Eagles
XZ327		Gazelle AH.1		TA Flight
J-193		F-16AM			312 Sq.	
J-208		F-16BM			312 Sq.	
309		P-3c			RNN	
AT-22		Alphajet		FAB	
WK640	C	Chipmunk T.10		
T7281		Tigermoth	
Hanger Display:			
WV372	R	Hunter T.7	
ZE967		Tornado F.3	
XR713		Lightning F.3		111 Sq markings
XV586	AJ	Phantom FGR.1 		43 Sq markings
ZE161	GR	Tornado F.3	
ZE629	XT	Viking T.1	
Flightlines / Flying Display:		
XP820		Beaver AL1		AAC Historic Flight
XT131	B	Sioux AH.1	        AAC Historic Flight
XP907		Scout AH.1	        AAC Historic Flight
XT626	Q	Scout AH.1	        AAC Historic Flight
XR379		Alouette AH.2	        AAC Historic Flight
XR244		Auster AOP.9		AAC Historic Flight
WD325	N	Chipmunk T.10		AAC Historic Flight
XF515	R	Hunter F.6	        Kennet Aviation	   
"WB188"		Hunter		
WV318	D	Hunter T.7B		Delta Jets	
WV372	R	Hunter T.7		Classic Jets	
W5856	A2A	Swordfish		RN Historic Flight	
WD413		Anson			Air Atlantic	
ZD407	36	Harrier GR.7		20 ( R ) Sq.
ZD433	45	Harrier GR.7	        20 ( R ) Sq.
XX117		Jaguar GR3	        16 ( R ) Sq.
XX766		Jaguar GR3	        16 ( R ) Sq.
PZ865		Hurricane	        BoBMF       
		Spitfire	        BoBMF       
PA474	QR-M	Lancaster	        BoBMF       
XX320		Hawk T.1A	        4 FTS       
XX205	205	Hawk T.1A	        208 Sq.     
11x		Hawk			Red Arrows			
XV228		Nimrod MR.2		Kinloss Wing
XZ594		Sea King HAR.3	        202 Sq.     
ZA361	TD	Tornado GR.1	        XV Sq.      
ZF142	142	Tucano T.1	        1 FTS       
ZF145	145	Tucano T.1	        1 FTS       
XW846	M	Gazelle AH.1	        Blue Eagles 
ZA777		Gazelle AH.1	        Blue Eagles 
XX447		Gazelle AH.1	        Blue Eagles 
ZB673		Gazelle AH.1	        Blue Eagles 
ZD281		Lynx AH.7	        Blue Eagles 
J-016		F-16AM			312 Sq.
J-633		F-16AM			306 Sq.
R-86	61-ZD	C-160R			ET 61
522	5-OV	Mirage 2000B		EC.02.005           
519	5-OW	Mirage 2000B	        EC.02.005           
514	33-FZ	Mirage F.1B	        EC.03.003           
503	33-FG	Mirage F.1B	        EC.03.003           
76	33-FI	Mirage F.1C	        EC.03.003           
E-120	1	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-75	2	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-128	3	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-41	4	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-153	5	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-175	6	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-135	7	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-160	8	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-122	9	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-169	0	Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
E-163		Alphajet	        Patrouille de France
60033		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60098		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60125		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60096		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60061		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60062		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
60139		Saab 105/SK60	        Team 60             
Also on the Airfield:		
ZE250	AM	Tornado F.3		F.3 OCU/56 ( R ) Sq 
ZD281	K	Lynx AH.7	        671 Sq./2 Regt.     
XX456		Gazelle AH.1	        3 ( V ) Flt./7 Rgt. 
XX392		Gazelle AH.1	        3 ( V ) Flt./7 Rgt. 
		Bae 125 CC.3	

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