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Duxford 1996(1)

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Date: 6 May 1996

Made by: Neil Clennel, Kevin Hall, Paul Kirby, Juriaan Rung

Updated: 14 June 2005

K-5054 		Spitfire	(BAPC-214) (Replica)
AR213/PR-D  	Spitfire	(G-AIST)
K9853/QV-H	Spitfire	On portside
P7350/RN-S 	Spitfire	
AR501/NN-A  	Spitfire	(G-AWII)
MJ730/GZ  	Spitfire	(G-HFIX)
AB910/AE-H  	Spitfire	
MK732/OU-U 	Spitfire	
ML417/ZI-T 	Spitfire	
MT928/ZX-M  	Spitfire	(G-BKMI)
TE566/DU-A  	Spitfire	(G-BLCK)
VN485   	Spitfire F.24
PM631/S 	Spitfire	
SM832/YB-A  	Spitfire	(G-WWII)
PV202/VZ-M  	Spitfire	(G-TRIX) 
MJ627/9G-P  	Spitfire	(G-BMSB) 
TE184 		Spitfire	(G-MXVI)
TD248/D  	Spitfire	(G-OXVI)
MV293/OI-C 	Spitfire	(G-SPIT)
PL965/R 	Spitfire	(G-MKXI)
ML407/OU-V 	Spitfire	(G-LFIX)

474008/VF-R 	P-51D		(N51RR)
463221/G4-S	P-51D		(G-BTCD)
124485/DF-A  	B-17G		Sally B (G-BEDF)
226671/MX-X	P-47M		(NX47DD)
269097 		P-63A		(G-BTWR)
67543/KI-S	P-38J		(NX3145X)
Z7381/XR-T 	Hurricane XIIB	(G-HURI)
PZ865/J		Hurricane IIC
V9545/BA-C	Lysander 111A
N2308/HP-B	Gladiator 1	(G-AMRK)
Z7015/7-L	Sea Hurricane 1B(G-BKTH)
XX329/PJ	Hawk T1		19(R)SQN
XX338/PV	Hawk T1		19(R)SQN
XX167/PU	Hawk T1		19(R)SQN
XX156		Hawk T1		19(R)SQN
ZG735/AZ	Tornado F3  	56(R)SQN 
84+98 		CH-53G  	Heer GA
FE992     	AT-16-IIB	(G-BDAM)    c/n 14-726
51-14526       	T-6G            (G-BRWB)    c/n 182-213
51-15227       	T-6G            (G-BKRA)    c/n 188-90
40467        	F-6F-3          (G-BTCC)    c/n A-11286
88297	        FG-1D           (G-FGID)    c/n 3111   

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