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Brize Norton 1992

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Date: 11 July 1992

Made by: Joop de Groot


F-16A             E181             ESK 727                                                                           
F-16B             ET613            ESK 727                                                                           
TORNADO           43+72            MFG 1                                                                             
BR-1151           61+05            MFG 3                                                                             
LYNX MK.88        83+05            MFG 3                                                                             
MB-339A           MM54438/61-93    61 BA                                                                             
MB-339A           MM54447/61-02    61 BA                                                                             
F-16B             J368             314 SQN                                                                           
CANBERRA T.17A    WD955/EM         360 SQN                                                                           
HUNTER GA.11      XE689/VL-864     FRADU                                                                             
CANBERRA B.6      XH568            RAE                                                                               
VICTOR K.2        XH672            55 SQN                                                                            
SEADEVON C.20     XK895 (G-SDEV)   PRIVATE                                                                           
WESSEX HC.2       XR517/N          60 SQN                                                                            
ANDOVER E.3       XS640            115 SQN                                                                           
DOMINIE T.1       XS712/A          6 FTS                                                                             
SCOUT AH.1        XT631            A&AEE                                                                             
VC-10 C.1         XV107/107        10 SQN                                                                            
NIMROD MR.2P      XV254/54         KINLOSS WING                                                                           
HERCULES C.1P     XV292/292        LTW                                                                                    
PHANTOM FGR.2     XV373/Q          74 SQN                                                                                 
JET PROVOST T.5A  XW369/69         1 FTS                                                                                  
GAZELLE HT.3      XW866/E          2 FTS                                                                                  
HAWK T.1          XX343/3          ETPS                                                                                   
JETSTREAM T.1     XX498/F          6 FTS/45 [R] SQN
BULLDOG T.1       XX520/2                                                                                            
LYNX AH.7         XZ605/Y          3 CBAS                                                                            
VC-10 K.2         ZA142/C          101 SQN                                                                           
BAE-125 CC.3      ZD621            32 SQN                                                                            
TORNADO GR.1      ZD716/O          SAOEU                                                                             
TRISTAR C.2       ZE704            216 SQN                                                                           
TORNADO F.3(T)    ZE888/EV         29 SQN                                                                            
TUCANO T.1        ZF269/269        CFS                                                                               
HARRIER GR.7      ZG471/AQ         3 SQN                                                                             
TORNADO F.3       ZG732/BC         29 SQN                                                                            
SEA KING MK.4     ZG829            ETPS                                                                              
HARRIER GR.7      ZG860/T          SAOEU                                                                             
SENTRY AEW.1      ZH106/06         8 SQN                                                                             
VIGILANT T.1      ZH148            637 VGS                                                                           
ISLANDER CC.2     ZH536            32 SQN                                                                            
F-14B             163219/AA-201    VF 103                                                                            
F/A-18C           163499/AA-310    VFA 83                                                                            
KC-135Q           59-1474          9 RW                                                                              
C-141B            65-0217          437 AW                                                                            
C-5B              85-0003          436 AW 

Far side:
VULCAN B.2        XH558            VDF                                                                             
VC-10 C.1         XR810/810        10 SQN                                                                          
VC-10 C.1         XV102/102        10 SQN                                                                          
VC-10 C.1         XV104/104        10 SQN                                                                          
VC-10 C.1         XV108/108        10 SQN                                                                          
NIMROD MR.2P      XV250/50         120 SQN                                                                         
LYNX AH.1         XZ109/N          671 SQN                                                                         
LYNX AH.1         XZ607/M          671 SQN                                                                         
LYNX AH.1         XZ661/L          671 SQN                                                                         
VC-10 K.2         ZA140/A          101 SQN                                                                         
VC-10 K.3         ZA148/G          101 SQN                                                                         
TORNADO GR.1      ZA546/JB         27 SQN                                                                          
LYNX AH.1         ZD279/C          671 SQN                                                                         
TRISTAR KC.1      ZD948            216 SQN                                                                         
TRISTAR K.1       ZD949            216 SQN                                                                         
TRISTAR K.1       ZD950            216 SQN                                                                         
TRISTAR K.1       ZD953            216 SQN                                                                         
TUCANO T.1        ZF202/202        3 FTS                                                                           
TUCANO T.1        ZF212/212        3 FTS                                                                           

Flying only:
F-15E             90-0257/LN       48 FW

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