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North Weald 1996

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Date: 11 May 1996

Made by: Kevin Hall, René Rozema

Updated: 20 November 1999

XX548/06         Bulldog T1           6 AEF 
XX554/09         Bulldog T1           6 AEF 
XX473/L          Jetstream T1         45(R)SQN 
XS710/O          Dominie T1           3 FTS 
ZD461            Harrier GR7          20(R)SQN 
ZD463/G          Harrier GR7          20(R)SQN 
ZA321/B-58       Tornado GR1          TTTE 
ZA322/B-50       Tornado GR1          TTTE 
XX235            Hawk T1              19(R)SQN 
XX244            Hawk T1              19(R)SQN 
XZ101/D          Jaguar GR1           16(R)SQN 
ZA947            Dakota C3            BBMF 
G-DAKK           Dakota C47A          South Coast Airways 
XR991            Gnat T1 
G-BCYM           Chipmunk 22          private 
MK732            Spitfire LF IXC 
ML407/G-LFIX     Spitfire T9 
MH434/G-ASJV     Spitfire LF IXB 
TE184/G-MXVI     Spitfire LF XVIE 
PS853/G-MXIX     Spitfire PR XIX 
PL965/G-MKXI     Spitftre PR XI 
474008           P-51D Mustang 
V9545            WS Lysander IIIA 
124485           B-17G Fortress 
LY-AKW/56        Yak 52               c/n 811504 
LY-AFB/112       Yak 52               c/n 822610 
LY-ALS/69        Yak 52               c/n 855509 
100/G-YAKI       Yak 52               c/n 866904 
899404/G-CCCP    Yak 52 
2/G-YAKS         Yak 52               c/n 9311708 
55/G-BVOK        Yak 52               c/n 9111505 
72/RA-01325      Yak 52 
LY-???           Yak 52 
PH-DDA           Dakota DC-3 
G-BUVF/S-9	 Beaver
G-OTAF           L-39ZO Albatross     private 
361              Sea Fury 
106              Bearcat 
WM167/G-LOSM     Meteor NF 11 
319/RB           Avenger 
9754             Catalina 
RR299            Mosquito             BAe 

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