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Brize Norton 1984

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Date: 25 June 1984

Made by: Paul Tiller


ZD695        BAe 146
XV332        Buccaneer S.2B
XV533/H      Buccaneer S.2B
XX656        Bulldog T.1
XH165        Canberra PR.9
ZA711/ET     Chinook HC.1
             Chinook HC.1
XS733/Q      Dominie T.1
ZB625/N      Gazelle HT.3
ZB629        Gazelle HCC.4
XV748/B      Harrier Gr.3
XW922/K      Harrier Gr.3
ZE396        HS.125
XX163        Hawk T.1
XX326        Hawk T.1
XV181        Hercules C.1P
XX719        Jaguar Gr.1
XX751        Jaguar Gr.1
XZ363/A      Jaguar Gr.1
XW367        Jet Provost T.5A
XX496        Jetsream T.1
XS919        Lightning F.6
XV250/250    Nimrod MR.2
XV590        Phantom FG.1
XW213/CJ     Puma HC.1
ZA398        Tornado Gr.1
ZA542/05     Tornado Gr.1
ZA610/11     Tornado Gr.1
ZA142/C      VC.10 K2
XH671        Victor K2
XX382/M      Gazelle AH.1        Army Air Corps
XP900/Z      Scout AH.1          Army Air Corps  
XP902/T      Scout AH.1          Army Air Corps
XT624/W      Scout AH.1          Army Air Corps
XT636/X      Scout AH.1          Army Air Corps
XW613/Y      Scout AH.1          Army Air Corps
B-11/OT-ALK  BN-2A Islander      Belgian AF
BD-05        Mirage V            Belgian AF
CF-06        Merlin 111A         Belgian AF         
FA-80        F-16A               Belgian AF
FA-82        F-16A               Belgian AF
40-41        Alpha Jet           German AF
J-632        F-16A               R Neth AF
80-0169/WR   A-10A               USAF
80-0216/WR   A-10A               USAF
80-0232/WR   A-10A               USAF
68-0220      C-5A                USAF
69-0027      C-5A                USAF
58-0056      KC-135A             USAF
65-0217      C-141B              USAF
66-0163      C-141B              USAF
79-0077/BT   F-15C               USAF
79-0080/BT   F-15C               USAF
       /UH   F-111E              USAF
158931/LA-3  P-3                 USN/VP-5

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