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Marham 1983

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Date: 9 April 1983

Made by:


ZA560/G          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
XV154/A          Buccaneer S.2B          237 OCU 
69-5784          HH53C                   67 ARRS 
XP701/BN         Lightning F.3           11 Sqn 
XW919/03         Harrier GR.3            1 Sqn 
XZ396/EN         Jaguar GR.1             6 Sqn 
XW353/51         Jet Provost T.5A 
XX555/20         Bulldog T.1 
XV123            Scout AH.1 
XV399/L          Phantom FGR.2           56 Sqn 
71-0303/OH       A7D                     166 TFS, Ohio ANG 
XV306            Hercules C.1            LTW 
XV570/N          Phantom FG.1            111 Sqn 
XT859/K          Phantom FG.1            111 Sqn 
XV758/16         Harrier GR.3            1 Sqn 
XZ971/N          Harrier GR.3            233 OCU 
XX752/06         Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU 
XX763/24         Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU 
XV355/I          Buccaneer S.2B          237 OCU 
RR299            Mosquito T3             BAe Hatfield 
J-108            Pilatus P2 
WH863            Canberra T.17           BDRF 
ZA553/08         Tornado GR.1            27 Sqn 
ZA604/12         Tornado GR.1            27 Sqn 
ZA607/01         Tornado GR.1            27 Sqn 
ZA541/S          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
ZA613/04         Tornado GR.1            27 Sqn 
XR658/Y          Jet Provost T.3A 
ZA611            Tornado GR.1            TSF 
XL231            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XL163            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XH673            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XL158            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XL161            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
ZA542/05         Tornado GR.1            27 Sqn 
60-0322          KC135A                  410 BW 
XH560            Vulcan K.2              50 Sqn 
XL511            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XL160            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XV254            Nimrod MR.2             St. Mawgan Wing 
ZA600/L          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
ZA603/N          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
ZA606/P          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
ZA547/A          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
ZA561/J          Tornado GR.1            617 Sqn 
XL189            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XL426            Vulcan B.2              50 Sqn 
XM715            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XL191            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XH669            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
XH671            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XH675            Victor K.2              55 Sqn 
XL512            Victor K.2              57 Sqn 
WH703            Canberra B.2            Ground Inst 
80-0168/WR       A10A                    81 TFW 
.-.218/WR        A10A                    81 TFW 
XX659/S          Bulldog T.1             Cambs UAS 

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