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Yeovilton 1996

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Date: 13 July 1996

Made by: Kevin Hall


XX157                HAWK T1                 FRADU 
XX183                HAWK T1                 FRADU 
XX165                HAWK T1                 FRADU 
XX322/W              HAWK T1                 92(R)SQN MKS 
164627/AJ-300        FA-18C                  VFA15 
164675/AJ-401        FA-18C                  VFA87 
164630/AJ-412        FA-18C                  VFA87 
164657/AJ-405        FA-18C                  VFA87 
164628/AJ-414        FA-18C                  VFA87 
164646/AJ-303        FA-18C                  VFA15 
160926/AJ-112        F-14A                   VF41 
161161/AJ-113        F-14A                   VF41 
159863/AJ-201        F-14A                   VF14 
158617/AJ-216        F-14A                   VF14 
ZE785/AT             TORNADO F3              56(R)SQN 
ZE167/HX             TORNADO F3              111SQN 
XX500/H              JETSTREAM T1            45(R)SQN 
LX-N90443            E-3A                    NAEWF 
XV300                HERCULES C1             LTW 
E-174                F-16A                   RDAF 
ET-199               F-16B                   RDAF 
S-256                LYNX 90                 ESK721 
U-280                SEA KING                ESK722 
264                  LYNX HAS.2(FN)          FRENCH NAVY 
FA69                 F-16A                   1SM 
FA106                F-16A                   2SM 
FA117                F-16A                   2SM 
AT17                 ALPHAJET                9 WING 
RS05                 SEA KING                40SM 
MT36                 CM170R                  33SM 
MT48                 CM170R                  33SM 
85                   XINGU                   52S 
8966                 SEA KING MK41           MFG5 
ZF446                TUCANO T1               1FTS 
ZF417                TUCANO T1               1FTS 
XE601                HUNTER FGA 9            DTEO 
19205                LYNX 95                 FAP LYNX ESQUADRA 
157314/LD-314        P-3C                    VP10 
XX244                HAWK T1                 4 FTS                     SPEC. C/S 
272                  LYNX SH-14D             860SQN 
J-508                F-16A                   RNLAF 
J-511                F-16A                   RNLAF 
XZ391/GM             JAGUAR GR1A             54SQN 
XZ108/A              JAGUAR GR1A             16(R)SQN 
4353                 TORNADO                 MFG2 
XR505/WA             WESSEX HC2              2FTS 
KF183                HARVARD IIB             DTEO 
ZD480/E              SEA KING HC4            IFOR 845SQN 
XZ920/822            SEA KING HAR5           771SQN 
XX484/CU-566         JETSTREAM T2            750SQN 
ZE439/577            JETSTREAM T3            VL STATION FLIGHT 
XN957/630            BUCCANEER S1            FAAM 
WT121/CU-415         SKYRAIDER AEW 1         FAAM 
XS508                WESSEX HU5              FAAM 
XL580/723            HUNTER T8M              FAAM 
WK608/906            CHIPMUNK T10            RNHF 
163026/AJ-600        E-2C                    VAW124 
162799/AJ-602        E-2C                    VAW124 
XZ614/X              LYNX AH7                847SQN 
ZD261/672            LYNX HMA8               815SQN 
XZ238/ED-434         LYNX HAS3S              815SQN ENDURANCE 
XV656/CU-180         SEAKING AEW 2           849SQN 
ZB605/720            HARRIER T8              899SQN 
ZD582/718            SEA HARRIER F/A2        899SQN 
ZD612/719            SEA HARRIER F/A2        899SQN 
ZD607/123            SEA HARRIER F/A2        800SQN 
ZE695/124            SEA HARRIER F/A2        800SQN 
ZE690/003            SEA HARRIER F/A2        801SQN 
ZH799/004            SEA HARRIER F/A2        801SQN 
NF389                FAIREY SWORDFISH III    RNHF 
SX137                SEAFIRE F XVII          FAAM 
VS384                SEAFIRE F XVII          FAAM 
G-PIGY               SC7 SKYVAN              HUNTING 
VP-FBL               TWIN-OTTER              B.A.S. 
LZ551/L              VAMPIRE T55 
XG775/VL             VAMPIRE T55 
158873/AJ-700        S-3B                    VS24 
158866/AJ-701        S-3B                    VS24 
160142/AJ-702        S-3B                    VS24 
G-FRAP               FALCON 20DC             FR AVIATION 
G-BUUK               T67 FIREFLY             HUNTING 
G-BWGT               JET PROVOST             PRIVATE 

ZA360/B56            TORNADO GR1             TTTE 
4313/G71             TORNADO                 TTTE 
ZD324/05             HARRIER GR7             20(R)SQN 
ZD461/51             HARRIER GR7             20(R)SQN 
ZD993/723            HARRIER T8              899SQN 
ZD992/724            HARRIER T8              899SQN 
ZH797/716            SEA HARRIER F/A2        899SQN 
ZD580/710            SEA HARRIER F/A2        899SQN 
ZH796/715            SEA HARRIER F/A2        899SQN 
ZG820/A              SEA KING                845SQN 
ZD477/H              SEA KING                845SQN IFOR 
ZF120/K              SEA KING                845SQN 
ZF116/K              SEA KING                845SQN 
ZF124/L              SEA KING                845SQN 
ZE426/VI             SEA KING                846SQN 
ZF121/VJ             SEA KING                846SQN 
ZE428/VK             SEA KING                846SQN 
ZF117/VQ             SEA KING                846SQN 
ZA293/ZO             SEA KING                848SQN 
ZF123/ZQ             SEA KING                848SQN 
ZA312/ZS             SEA KING                848SQN 
ZD476/ZU             SEA KING                848SQN 
ZA310/ZY             SEA KING                848SQN 
ZD626/ZZ             SEA KING                848SQN 
XW851                GAZELLE AH1             847SQN 
ZA776/F              GAZELLE AH1             847SQN 
XZ698/303            LYNX HAS3S              815SQN 
ZD282/L              LYNX AH7                847SQN 
XV709/585            SEA KING HAS6           706SQN 

155848/WT            F-4S PHANTOM            FAAM                FAR SIDE 
XZ493                SEA HARRIER FRS1        WRECK               BEHIND FAAM 

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