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Brawdy 1991

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Date: 25 July 1991

Made by: David Eade


80-0159/WR	A.10A			81 TFW
80-0276/WR      A.10A			81 TFW
2430	        ALBATROSS L39		CZECH AIR FORCE              
2436	        ALBATROSS L39		CZECH AIR FORCE              
A383	        ALOUETTE 3		NETH ARMY                    
40+17	        ALPHA JET		WGAF                         
41+45	        ALPHA JET		WGAF                         
2105	        AN12			CZECH AIR FORCE                      
B40	        BO105			NETH ARMY                            
XV342/342       BUCCANEER S2A		OCU
WJ682	        CANBERRA TT18		100 SQN                      
WZ847/F         CHIPMUNK T10
133542	        CT133 SILVER STAR	CAF                  
244	        DAUPHIN	IRISH AIR CORPS                      
AR105	        DRAKEN S35-XD		ESK 729 DAF                  
AT152	        DRAKEN SK35XD		ESK 729 DAF                  
MM6754/53-02    F.104S STARFIGHTER	53 ST ITAL.AF
MM6824/53-04    F.104S STARFIGHTER	53 ST ITAL.AF
E181	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 780 DAF          
FA28	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	350 SM BAF           
FA50	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	350 SM BAF           
J226	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	KLU                  
J232	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	KLU                  
ET207	        F.16B FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 780 DAF          
ZD346/E	        HARRIER GR5		233 OCU
ZD354/09        HARRIER GR5		1 SQN
XX199	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU/79 SQN                 
XX247	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU                        
XX312/312       HAWK T1A		1 FTS
XX317	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU                        
XX318	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU                        
XX339	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU                        
XX348	        HAWK T1A		1 TWU                        
NZ7005	        HERCULES C130H		40 SQN RNZAF                 
188926	        HORNET CF18B		CAF                          
XX719/EE        JAGUAR GR1		6 SQN
XX970/EH        JAGUAR GR1		6 SQN
XZ369/EF        JAGUAR GR1A		6 SQN
XX829/ET        JAGUAR T2A		6 SQN
XW304/X	        JET PROVOST T5		6 FTS
XX499/G	        JETSTREAM T1		6 FTS
ZE440/CU-577    JETSTREAM T3		750 SQN RN
240	        KING-AIR		IRISH AIR CORPS              
136234	        KIOWA			CAF                                  
136236	        KIOWA			CAF                                  
ZF563/671       LYNX HAS3CTS		700L SQN RN
220	        MAGISTER		IRISH AIR CORPS              
4644	        MIG 23			CZECH AIR FORCE                      
5616	        MIG 29			CZECH AIR FORCE                      
7501	        MIG 29			CZECH AIR FORCE                      
XV249	        NIMROD MR2		42 SQN                       
XV240/40        NIMROD MR2P		42 SQN
XV426/P	        PHANTOM FGR2		56 SQN
35+28	        PHANTOM RF4E		WGAF
46+30	        TORNADO			WGAF
MM55002/I-41    TORNADO			TTTE
ZE162/FK        TORNADO F3		25 SQN
ZE203/FI        TORNADO F3		25 SQN
ZE785/AO        TORNADO F3		229 OCU/65(R) SQN
ZA452/GK        TORNADO GR1            
ZA607	        TORNADO GR1		617 SQN                      
ZA372/E	        TORNADO GR1A
ZA395/N	        TORNADO GR1A
ZG714/H	        TORNADO GR1A		13 SQN
ZG725/J	        TORNADO GR1A		13 SQN
50+55	        TRANSALL		LTG 62 WGAF                  
1407	        TU134			CZECH AIR FORCE                      
ZF242/WRW       TUCANO T1		7 FTS
3840/8G	        UC.12M			NAF MILDENHALL
XH671	        VICTOR K2		55 SQN                       

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