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Cottesmore 1994

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Date: 18 June 1994

Made by: Clive Wells, Mark Holmes, Ian Old

Updated: 3 November 2002

XS640		Andover			Hunting  
XX520		Bulldog	2	        CFS      
XX226		Hawk		        74 SQN   
XX285	CH	Hawk		        100 SQN  
ZA321	B58	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA327	B51	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
41+61		Alpha Jet	        JBG 49   
50+88		C-160D		        LTG 61   
59+22	        Do 28		        MFG 5    
29+17	        MiG-29A		        JBG 73   
43+10	G29     Tornado		        T.T.T.E. 
43+32	G73     Tornado		        T.T.T.E. 
44+15	        Tornado		        JBG 38   
44+51	        Tornado		        JBG 38   
46+04	        Tornado		        MFG 2    
46+21	        Tornado		        MFG 2    
MM6805	36-06	F-104S		        36 STO   
MM6828	36-07	F-104S		        36 STO   
MM54396	32-06	G-91T		        32 STO   
MM54399	32-07	G-91T		        32 STO   
MM7011	6-11	Tornado		        6 STO    
MM7027	6-47	Tornado		        6 STO    
MM55003	I43	Tornado		        T.T.T.E. 
FA89		F-16A		        23 Sm    
FA92		F-16A		        31 Sm    
16	2-EL	Mirage 2000	        EC2      
19	2-EA	Mirage 2000	        EC2      
U-278		S-61A		        Esk 722  
LY-AFA		Yak-52		        Private  
LY-AKQ   	Yak-52		        Private 
LY-ALO		Yak-52		        Private  
LY-ALS		Yak-52		        Private  
LY-ALY    	Yak-52		        Private 
N54426		Stearman	        Private  
AB910		Spitfire	        BoBMF    
PS853		Spitfire	        BoBMF    
472273     	P.51 Mustang
VR-BPS   	PBY-5A Catalina		Plane Sailing ("Rothmans" colours)

Hangar B:
ZA323	B14	Tornado GR.1		T.T.T.E. 
ZA362	B09	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA546	AJ-C	Tornado GR.1	        GI use   
ZA612	TZ	Tornado GR.1	        15(R)SQN 
43+03		Tornado	G22	        T.T.T.E. 
43+07		Tornado		        T.T.T.E. 

Northside of airfield:
37+25		F-4F			JBG 35  
37+37	        F-4F		        JBG 72  
38+38	        F-4F		        JBG 35  
43+02	G21	Tornado		        T.T.T.E.
43+06	G25	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+11	G30	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+12	G70	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+14	G72	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+16	G32	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+25	G75	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
43+42	G39	Tornado	                T.T.T.E.
E-191		F-16A			Esk 730
ET-208	        F-16B			Esk 730
MM55001	I40	Tornado			T.T.T.E.
MM55002	I41	Tornado			T.T.T.E.
XX235		Hawk T.1		4 FTS
XX244	        Hawk T.1		4 FTS
ZA319	B11	Tornado GR.1		T.T.T.E. 
ZA322	B50	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA330	B08	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA352	B04	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA358	B06	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA359	B55	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA361	B57	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA560	B59	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZA599	B16	Tornado GR.1	        T.T.T.E. 
ZD403	G	Harrier GR.7	        20(R)SQN 
ZD466	I	Harrier GR.7	        20(R)SQN 
ZF377		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS    
ZF409		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS    
XL618	05	Hunter T.7	        Dump     
XM375		Jet Provost	        Dump     
XZ966		Harrier GR.3	        Dump     

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