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St Mawgan 1977

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Date: 14 July 1977

Made by: Paul Carr


Alouette AH.2            XR232 
Lancaster I              PA474/KM:B 
Shackleton AEW.2         WL795 
Vulcan B.2               XH559,561,XJ783,XL443,446,XM570 
Jet Provost T.4          XP564/04 
Atlantic                 250                                 RNLN 
BN-2A                    G-AXXH                              NEA 
BN-2A                    G-AXXJ                              Brymon 
CP.107 Argus             10725                               CAF 
Ce F.172H                G-AVIC 
Ce F.172M                G-BCEC,BCZM 
Ce 182P                  G-BBGX 
Ce U206F                 N1107V 
Etendard IVM             21, 37                              FrN 
Devon C.2                VP957 
Canberra TT.18           WH718,WJ629,680,682,721,WK124 
Canberra T.19            WH904,XA536/L 
Lightning F.3            XP741/N,764/O 
Lightning F.6            XS899/L 
Swordfish II             LS236/5A 
Fiat G.91R               3128,3206                           WGAF 
Herald                   G-ATIG                              Brymon 
Victor K.2               XL162 
Hurricane IIc            PZ865/DT:A 
Sea Fury FB.11           TF956/T123 
Hunter FGA.9             XG228/E,XK138/I, plus one unidentified 
Gnat T.1                 XP514,535,XR540,572,955,977,987,991,XS101,107 
Nimrod MR.1              XV230,235,239,240,247,252,XZ285 
Buccaneer S.2            XV334,355 
Harrier GR.3             XV753/C,XW922/K,XZ133/A 
Hawk T.1                 XX175 
HS.125 CC.1              XW789 
Starfighter F-104G       2244                                WGAF 
Starfighter RF-104G      D-8059,8145                         RNLAF 
SP-2H                    214                                 RNLN 
Hercules C.1             XV183,203 
Phantom RF-4E            3561                                WGAF 
Phantom FG.1             XV575/C,585/P 
Phantom FGR.2            XT900 
Phantom FGR.2            XT908/P                             23 Sqn 
Paris                    41                                  FrN 
PA-22-160                G-ARHU 
PA-23-250                G-ATPR 
PA-28-151                G-BEBZ 
RAF BE.2c replica        6232/BAPC-41 
Bulldog T.1              XX633/X 
Jaguar GR.1              XX750/22,XZ355/H,360/Y 
Spitfire Va              AB910/QJ:J 
Whirlwind HAR.10         XP350 
Wessex HC.2              XT675/AR 
Sea King HAS.2           XZ577/R052 
Puma HC.1                XW217/DA 
Gazelle HT.3             XW870/F 

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