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Abingdon 1988

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Date: 24 September 1988

Made by: Roberto Fernando, BARG


XS792                	Andover CC.2
XW534               	Buccaneer  S.2B
WJ891/EN          	Canberra T.17A
ZA947                	Dakota C.3
XS739/F             	Dominie T.1
ZB603/Q            	Harrier T.4
XX244               	Hawk T.1
XX320               	Hawk T.1
ZB615                	Jaguar T.2
XW366/75          	Jet Provost T.5A
XX493/L            	Jetstream T.1
XV432/H            	Phantom FGR.
ZA142/C            	VC-10 K.2
157006/AJ-503   	A-6E 			US NAVY
155632/AJ-531           A-6E 			US NAVY
163034/AJ-623           EA-6B			US NAVY
162689/AJ-101           F-14A			US NAVY
161134/AJ-211           F-14A			US NAVY
163124/AJ-302           F-18A			US NAVY
163099/AJ-406           F-18A   		US NAVY
160147/AJ-710           S-3A 			US NAVY
ET-206                	F-16B			RDAF

ZB625/N            	Gazelle HT.3
XV783/N            	Harrier GR.3
XV744/O            	Harrier GR.3
XX295                	Hawk T.1
XW374/38           	Jet Provost T.5A
XW323/44           	Jet Provost T.5A
XX496/D             	Jststream T.1
XS679/WG          	Wessex HC.2
XS101                  	Gnat T.1 (G-GNAT)
269                    	Lynx SH-14B		RNeth Navy
271                    	Lynx SH-14B             RNeth Navy

Resident Bulldog T1s:
XX544/01, XX639/02, XX524/04, XX547/05, XX548/06, XX553/07,
XX554/09, XX535/10, XX661/B, XX526/C.

And Chipmunk T.10
WB586/A, WP901/B, WK589/C, WP805/D, WZ847/F, WP786/G.

Hawk MU Hangar:
Hawks T1: XX174, XX219, XX302, XX313, XX317, XX318, XX321
Hawk T65: 3761 (Royal Saudi Air Force)

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