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North Weald 1986

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Date: 28/29 June 1986

Made by:


FR870              P.40 
MT719              SPITFIRE 
MH434              SPITFIRE IX 
XR244              AUSTER AOP.9              AAC HF 
473877             P.51 
140547             T-28                      (N2800Q) 
FT391              HARVARD 
WV908/188-A        SEA HAWK FG.6             FAA HF 
XX119/01           JAGUAR GR.1               226 OCU 
XX840/T            JAGUAR T.2                226 OCU 
XX296              HAWK T.1                  4 FTS 
ZA366              TORNADO GR.1              TWCU/45 SQN 
ZA544              TORNADO GR.1              TWCU/45 SQN 
ZA563/10           TORNADO GR.1              27 SQN 
XL563              HUNTER T.7                IAM 
XW323/44           J PROVOST T.5A            RAFC 
ZA176/716          SEA HARRIER FRS.1         899 SQN 
XZ968/01           HARRIER GR.3              1 SQN 
XZ391/GE           JAGUAR GR.1               54 SQN 
XZ392/GR           JAGUAR GR.1               54 SQN 
ZA934              PUMA HC.1                 240 OCU 
XW894              GAZELLE HT.2              705 SQN 
XT769              WESSEX HU.5               771 SQN 
XP749/DA           LIGHTNING F.3             LTF 
XP707/DB           LIGHTNING F.3             LTF 
XZ175/A            LYNX AH.1                 AAC EAGLES 
XZ203/B            LYNX AH.1                 AAC EAGLES 
XZ649/E            LYNX AH.1                 AAC EAGLES 
XZ172/K            LYNX AH.1                 AAC EAGLES 
XZ640/L            LYNX AH.1                 AAC EAGLES 
WM224              METEOR TT.20 

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