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Fairford 1981

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Date: 16 August 1981

Made by: Kev Slade

Updated: 2 January 2011

79-0081 BT         F-15C   	        USAF           
79-0062 BT         F-15C                USAF           
77-0261 WR         A-10A                USAF           
77-0260 WR         A-10A                USAF           
76-0166            C-12A                USAF           
74-1532 32         F-5E                 527 TFTAS
69-0026            C-5A                 USAF        
67-0122            F-111E               USAF        
67-0019            C-141B               USAF        
63-7880            C-130E               USAF        
63-8014            KC-135A              USAF        
63-8873            KC-135A              USAF        
63-8005            KC-135A              USAF        
63-7997            KC-135A              USAF        
62-3539            KC-135A              USAF        
62-3538            KC-135A              USAF        
61-0315            KC-135A              USAF        
56-3603            KC-135A              USAF        
56-3637            KC-135A              USAF        
57-1454            KC-135A              USAF        
57-2591            KC-135A              USAF        
XV240   40         Nimrod MR.1     	Kinloss Wing
XW435   4          Jet Provost T5A      RAF
XP764   DB         Lightning F.3        RAF
XP753   DC         Lightning F.3        RAF
WV908   188/A      Sea Hawk FGA6        Royal Navy
34+01              G-91T-3 	     	West German AF
30+46              G-91T-3 	     	West German AF

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