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Ford 1958

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Date: 21 June 1958

Made by: Peter A Rowlings


VG993		Firefly TT4		code 043	FRU Hurn      
WE728	        Sea Fury FB11	        code 027	FRU Hurn      
WM292 	        Meteor TT20	        code 041	FRU Hurn      
XG607	        Sea venom F21 	        FD/522		700 sqn       
XE460	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        	                      
WM920	        Sea Hawk FB3	        	                      
XA524	        Gannet T5	        code 320	              
XA105	        Vampire T22	        code 753	702 sqn       
WA529		Attacker FB1	        burnt during firefight display

Flying and other aircraft on airfield:
XD231		Scimitar F1		V/152		803 sqn    
XD236	        Scimitar F1	        V/1??		803 sqn   
XD220	        Scimitar F1	        FD/510		700X sqn  
XD226	        Scimitar F1	        FD/511		700X sqn  
XE328	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        FD	                  
NL879	        Tiger Moth	        		Royal Navy
WG783	        Prefect TX1	        	                  
NF389	        Swordfish	        	                  
WP318	        Sea Prince T1	        code 756	          
XA165	        Sea Vampire T22	        FD/522		702 sqn   
XA112	        Sea Vampire T22	        	                  
WN353	        Gannet AS1	        FD/504		700 sqn   
XA412	        Gannet AS4	        FD/502		700 sqn   
AB910	        Spitfire mkV	        QJ-J	                  
XJ402	        Whirlwind HAR	        code 723	          
WV857	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        A/165		804 sqn   
WV865	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        A/173	        804 sqn   
WV919	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        A/168	        804 sqn   
XE332	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        A/???	        804 sqn   
XE334	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        A/169	        804 sqn   
XE335	        Sea Hawk FGA4	        nil	        804 sqn   
XE369	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/161	        804 sqn   
XE387	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/163	        804 sqn   
XE395	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/171	        804 sqn   
XE399	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/167	        804 sqn   
XE402	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/166	        804 sqn   
XE407	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/160	        804 sqn   
XE447	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/172	        804 sqn   
XE458	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/164	        804 sqn   
XE461	        Sea Hawk FGA6	        A/170	        804 sqn   
WL715	        Sea Balliol T21	        code 752	702 sqn   
WL716	        Sea Balliol T21	        code 750	702 sqn   
WL725	        Sea Balliol T21	        code 751	702 sqn   
XG587	        Whirlwind HAR3	        V/709	                  
WJ350	        Sea Prince C2		                   
XJ474	        Sea Vixen FAW1		                   
WT309	        Canberra B6				RAE        
WN978	        Hunter F5	        F		1 sqn  
XB521	        Hiller HTE2	        536		705 sqn
XB522	        Hiller HTE2	        537		705 sqn
XK741	        Gnat F1		                               
WG709	        Dragonfly HR3	        FD/922	               
WG664	        Dragonfly HR3	        FD/923	               
G-AIBE	        Fulmar		                               
x4	        Gannet AS4	        	               
x4	        Scimitar F1	        	               
x8	        Sea Hawk FGA4/6	        		804sqn 
WW199	        Sea Venom FAW21	        	               
WW211	        Sea Venom FAW21	        A		809 sqn
WW241	        Sea Venom FAW21	        A		809 sqn
WW264	        Sea Venom FAW21	        A/228		809 sqn
XG610	        Sea Venom FAW21	        FD/523		700 sqn
WV904	        Sea hawk FGA4	        FD/516	               
XA108	        Sea Vampire T22	        754	               
XG748	        Sea Vampire T22		                   

		Sea Hawks       
G-AEMH		Dragon Rapide	
G-AJAJ		Auster J-1	

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