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Leuchars 1976

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Date: 4 September 1976

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Updated: 26 March 1999, 20 October 2022 by Mr. Lorence Fizia

Serial  Code    Type                  Unit/Air Force         C/n        Remarks: 
104760  760     CF-104G Starfighter   1 CAG CAF              1060 
XS794           Andover CC.2 
XN977           Buccaneer S2A         237 OCU RAF 
XX700           Bulldog  T.1          UAS RAF 
WH664   EH      Canberra T17          360 Sq RAF             71136 
WB530           Chipmunk T.10 
ES915/G-AGBN    Cygnet 
XM709           Gnat T.1 
XR101           Gnat T.1 
XZ128           Harrier GR.3 
XV197   197     Hercules C.3          LTW RAF 
XV204   204     Hercules C1           LTW RAF                4228 
XK137   42      Hunter FGA9           45 Sq RAF 
XX750   22      Jaguar GR1            226 OCU RAF            S.047 
XW375           Jet Provost T.5A 
XR772   E       Lightning F6          5 Sq RAF               95237 
XV233   33      Nimrod MR.2           KMW RAF 
XT873   S       Phantom FG1           43 Sq RAF              8708 2738 
XT892           Phantom FGR.2 
XV403           Phantom FGR.2 
XV410           Phantom FGR.2 
XV419           Phantom FGR.2 
XV426           Phantom FGR.2 
XV428           Phantom FGR.2 
XV476           Phantom FGR.2 
XV487           Phantom FGR.2 
XV500           Phantom FGR.2 
XV567   R-003   Phantom FG1           892 Sq FAA             9321 2922 
XV577   9065M   Phantom FG1 
XV578           Phantom FG1 
XV579           Phantom FG1 
XV581   E       Phantom FG1           43 Sq RAF              9335 3235 
XV584   BF      Phantom FG1           111 SQN 
PM631           Spitfire XIX          BBMF 
XL188           Victor K2             55 Sq RAF 
XL388           Vulcan B.2 
XR588           Wessex HC.2 
XV720           Wessex HC.2 
66-0449 AR      RF-4C Phantom II      1 TRS/10 TFW USAF 
74-1534 34      F-5E Tiger II         527 TFTAS/10 TFW USAF  R.1192 
68-0028 UH      F-111E Aardvark       55 TFS/20 TFW USAF     038        Spirit of 76, spec c/s 
CH-05           C-130H Hercules       20 Sm/15 Wing FAEB     4470 
AT-157          TF-35 Draken          Esk 725 KDF            351157 
GT-874          F-100F Super Sabre    Esk 727 KDF            243-150 
37+39           F-4F Phantom          JBG-72, WGAF 
38+15           F-4F Phantom          JBG-72, WGAF 
K-3031          NF-5A Freedom Fighter 316 Sq KLu 
K-4023          NF-5B Freedom Fighter 316 Sq KLu             4023 
C-10            F27-300M Friendship   334 Sq KLu 
D-8051          F-104G Starfighter    311/312 Sq Pool KLu    8051 

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