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Teesside 1983

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Date: 26 August 1983

Made by:


XT863/G     	Phantom FG.1       	43 Squadron
XV674/PW-706   	Sea King HAS.2A    	819 Squadron
XV708/PW-702   	Sea King HAS.2A    	819 Squadron
XW372/121       Jet Provost T.5A       	7 FTS
XZ336           Gazelle AH.1
XZ344           Gazelle AH.1    
WF791           Meteor T.7              CFS Vintage Pair
XH304           Vampire T.11            CFS Vintage Pair
PA474           Lancaster B.2           BoB Memorial Flight
AB910           Spitfire V.B            BoB Memorial Flight
PZ865           Hurricane IIc           BoB Memorial Flight
XV186           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV220           Hercules C.1            LTW
N9239/G-ANEL    DH.82A Tiger Moth
WD413/G-BFIR   	Anson T.21
G-JETT          T-33A Shooting Star

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