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Woodford 1998

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Date: 6 June 1998

Made by: Anonymous, Kevin Hall

Updated: 30 April 2001

Static/flightlines (North side): 
Royal Air Force 
BAe 125 CC.3                   ZD704             32(TR) Sqn 
Chinook HC.2                   ZA677/EG          7 Sqn 
Harrier GR.7                   ZG480/70          4 Sqn 
Jaguar GR.1B                   XZ369/EF          6 Sqn 
Tornado F.3                    ZE936/DL          11 Sqn 
                               ZE157/BY          29 Sqn 
                               ZH556/AK          F3 OCU/56(R) Sqn 
                               ZE791/CD          5 Sqn '80 Years 1918-1998' 
Tornado GR.1                   ZA592/C           II(AC) Sqn 
Royal Navy 
Squirrel HT.1                  ZJ280             DHFS/705 NAS 
Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) 
Eurofighter 2000 (replica)                       BAe 
French Air Force 
EMB.312F Tucano                485/312-UD        GI 00.312 
                               500/312-US        GI 00.312 
                               471/312-JP        GI 00.312 
                               458/312-JC        GI 00.312 
Mirage F.1C                    52/33-FK          EC 03.033 
Irish Air Corps 
Beech Super King Air 200       240               Transport & Training Sqn 
Italian Air Force 
Piaggio P.166DL-3              MM25154/303-21    303° Gruppo/505ª Sq 
Royal Netherlands Air Force 
F-16B Fighting Falcon          J-652             306 Sqn 
United States Air Force 
C-20A Gulfstream               83-0501           86th AW/76th AS 
KC-135R Stratotanker           57-1499/D mlt     100th ARW/351st ARS 'The Big Stick' 

Avro Avian IIIA                VH-UFZ            Lang Kidby 
C-54E Skymaster                27370 (N500EJ)    Berlin Airlift Hist Fdn 'Spirit of Freedom' 
C-121A Constellation           48-0609 (N494TW)  Constellation Group 
Challenger		       VP-BIE		 private
DHC.6-310 Twin Otter           VP-FBL            British Antarctic Survey 
DHC.7-100 Dash 7               VP-FBQ            British Antarctic Survey 
Mainair Sports Blade 912       G-MZKM            Colin Bodill 'The Spirit of Diana' 
Robinson R-44 Astro            G-MURY            Simlot Ltd 
Shackleton T.4 (nose)          VP293             Avro Aircraft Heritage Soc 
Vulcan B.2                     XM603             Avro Aircraft Heritage Soc 
Vulcan B.2 (nose)              XM602 (8771M)     Avro Aircraft Heritage Soc 

Flightlines (South side): 
Royal Air Force 
Bulldog T.1                    XX519/14          CFS 
                               XX638             CFS 
Hawk T.1                       XX237             Red Arrows 
                               XX292             Red Arrows 
                               XX294             Red Arrows 
                               XX308             Red Arrows 
Hawk T.1A                      XX227             Red Arrows 
                               XX252             Red Arrows 
                               XX253             Red Arrows 
                               XX260             Red Arrows 
                               XX264             Red Arrows 
                               XX266             Red Arrows 
Hercules C.1                   XV182             LTW 
Jaguar GR.1A                   XX745/D           16(R) Sqn 
Jaguar T.2A                    XX845/ET          6 Sqn 
Tornado GR.1                   ZA360/B-56        TTTE/S Sqn 
                               ZA355/B-54        TTTE/S Sqn 
Tucano T.1                     ZF294             1 FTS 
                               ZF410             1 FTS 
Royal Navy 
Lynx HAS.3S                    XZ693/301         815 NAS 
Sea King HAS.6                 XZ921/CU-587      810 NAS 
Army Air Corps 
Gazelle AH.1                   ZA777/B           671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                               XX435/W           671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                               XW865/C           671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                               XZ334/S           671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                               ZB673/P           671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Lynx AH.7                      XZ203             671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Belgian Air Force 
CM.170 Magister                MT-13             33 Sml/1 Wg 'Diables Rouges' colour scheme; '50' markings 
                               MT-36             33 Sml/1 Wg '50' markings 
F-16A Fighting Falcon          FA-92             31 Sml/10 Wg 
                               FA-67             31 Sml/10 Wg 'Kleine Brogel 10 Wg TAC - 20 Years' 
Merlin IIIA                    CF-06             21 Sml/15 Wg 
French Air Force 
Alpha Jet E                    E84/8-MH          ETO 01.008 
                               E149/8-MO         ETO 01.008 
Mirage F.1B                    510/33-FB         EC 03.033 
Mirage F.1C                    85/33-FR          EC 03.033 
German Navy 
Tornado IDS                    45+68             MFG-2 
Italian Air Force 
Aeritalia G.222TCM             MM62121/RS-46     RSV/311° Gruppo 'G222 - Winner of RIAT 89 and 98' 
Aermacchi MB.339CD             MM55063/RS-27     RSV/311° Gruppo 
AMX                            MM7125/RS-11      RSV/311° Gruppo 
Royal Netherlands Air Force 
F-16A(R) Fighting Falcon       J-636             306 Sqn '306 TFRS 45 Jaar' 
Russian Air Force 
Sukhoi Su-27P Flanker          598               LII Gromov Flt Res Inst (c/n 36911037820) 

Cessna 170B                    G-AWOU            S. Billington 
Cessna 172N		       G-BNST		 private
Extra EA.300S                  JY-RNA            Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                               JY-RND            Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                               JY-RNE            Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                               JY-RNG            Royal Jordanian Falcons 
F7F-3P Tigercat                80425/WT-14       The Fighter Collection (G-RUMT) 
Jetstream 4100                 G-GCJL            BAe Jetstream Aircraft 
Jetstream 61/ATP               G-BVEO            BAe Asset Management 
                               G-BUWM            BAe Asset Management 
                               G-PLXI            BAe (Operations) Ltd 
Jetstream 61/ATP (fuselage)    N-ORAK            Fire training area 
Jodel DR.1050/M1	       G-AYYT		 private
PA-28 Cherokee 140C            G-AYKX            Robin Flying Group 

Flying display (did not land): 
Royal Air Force 
Nimrod MR.2                    XV233             42(R) Sqn/Kinloss Wing '42' markings 
Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) 
Hawk 200RDA                    ZJ201             BAe Warton 
A.300-608ST Beluga             F-GSTC/3          Airbus Inter Transport 'The Super Transporter' titles 
DC-6A                          G-APSA            Atlantic Airlines/MPCU 

Aircraft present in the hangars: 
Avro RJ.100                    G-BZAU            Avro International/CityFlyer Express 
BAe 146 CC.2                   G-6-021 (ZE700)   RAF 32(TR) Sqn 
HOAC DV.20 Katana                                Aviation Manchester Ltd 
Jet Provost T.5B               XW325/E (G-BWGF)  Specialscope JP Group 
Miles M.28 Mercury VI          OY-ALW            Hans Kolby Hansen 
PA-15 Vagabond                 G-FKNH            M.J. Mothershaw 
Piper J-3C-65 Cub              330238/24-A       M.D. Cowburn (G-LIVH) 
T.67C Firefly                  G-BOCM            Richard Brinklow Avn 

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