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Wattisham 1981

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Date: 8 August 1981

Made by: Adrian Pearce, Tom McGhee


XV408          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XN962          Buccaneer             RAF            nose only 
XV404          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
EP120          Spitfire VB           Preserved 
XM139          Lightning F.1         Decoy 
XV437          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV499          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
FX301          Harvard IIB           Private 
XV485          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV500          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XT903          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
WT538          Canberra PR.7         RAF 13 Sqn 
XG160          Hunter F.6A           RAF 
XE606          Hunter F.6A           RAF 
XP753          Lightning F.3         RAF 
XP764          Lightning F.3         RAF 
77-0267/WR     A10A                  USAF 81 TFW 
XX246          Hawk T.1              RAF 
XX247          Hawk T.1              RAF 
XM352          J.Provost T.3A        RAF 
PA474          Lancaster B.I         RAF BoBMF 
WL756          Shackleton AEW.2      RAF 8 Sqn 
79-0163/WR     A10A                  USAF 81 TFW 
K-4020         NF5B                  KLu 
71-0892/LN     F111F                 USAF 48 TFW 
XL161          Victor K.2            RAF 
XV490          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV865          Buccaneer S.2B        RAF 
XX742/EF       Jaguar GR.1           RAF 6 Sqn 
WK102          Canberra T.17         RAF 360 Sqn 
XW922          Harrier GR.3          RAF 233 OCU 
R-888          CF104                 RDAF 
RT-655         TF104G                RDAF 
XX492          Jetstream T.1         RAF 6 FTS 
XX314          Hawk T.1              RAF 
XL601          Hunter T.7            RAF 
XW302          J.Provost T.5A        RAF 
WZ877          Chipmunk T.10         RAF 
XV500          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV485          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XT903          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XM575          Vulcan B.2            RAF 
44-85784       B17G                  Private 
XZ592          Sea King HAR.3        RAF 202 Sqn 
XX754/23       Jaguar GR.1           RAF 226 OCU 
XH304          Vampire T.11          RAF Vintage Pair 
WF791          Meteor T.7            RAF Vintage Pair 
58-0125        KC135Q                USAF 
XV474          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV401          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV495          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV469          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XV487          Phantom FGR.2         RAF 
XM147          Lightning F.1         Decoy 
XM192          Lightning F.1A        Preserved 
XP515          Gnat T.1              Battle Damage Training 

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