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Mildenhall 1976

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Date: 4 July 1976

Made by: Paul Seym

Updated: 6 September 1999

141009             C-131F             NAF MILDENHALL 
141023             C-131F             NAF MILDENHALL 
158533/AE-500      A-6E               VA-176 
159373             AV-8A              no unit 
159977/AE-413      A-7E               VA-87 
136753             C-1A               MILDENHALL 
34+29              FIAT G-91T         WS-50 
50+81              C-160D             LTG-63 
58+65              Do-28D             WS-10 
24+28              F-104G             WS-10 
58-0062            KC-135Q            17BW 
58-0084            KC-135Q            17BW 
58-0086            KC-135Q            17BW 
58-0117            KC-135Q            17BW 
60-0335            KC-135Q            17BW 
61-0285            EC-135H            10 ACCS 
61-0286            EC-135H            10 ACCS 
61-0291            EC-135H            10 ACCS 
64-14844           RC-135V            55 SRW 
61+05              ATLANTIC           MFG-3 
62-4462            T-39A              HQ USAFE 
64-14844           RC-135V            55SRW 
65-0615/LN bl      F-4D               48TFW 
68-0555/AR bl      RF-4C              10 TRW 
66-0168            C-141A             437MAW 
67-18072           BE.U-21A           582 Trans.Co. 
68-0020/UH mlt     F-111E             20TFW 
68-15863           CH-47C             180AVCO            also noted as 68-18503!!! 
68-3816 r          OV-10A             20TASS 
69-0006            C-5A               436MAW 
74-01545/45        F-5E               527 TFTAS 
69-17019           OV-1C              73MIC 
74-1657            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1659            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW      also noted as 74-1658!!! 
74-1660            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1661            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1662            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1663            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1664            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1670            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1671            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1672            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1673            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1674            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
74-1676            C-130H             773TAS 463TAW 
A-006              DRAKEN A-35XD      ESK725 
AT-157             DRAKEN SK-35XD     ESK725 
FX-04              F-104G             10 W 
MT-11              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-12              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-15              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-18              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-21              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-31              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
MT-32              CM-170             Diables Rouges 
BA-26              Mirage VBA         2W 
G-ANDE             DH.82A Tigermoth 
G-ANOH             DH.82A Tigermoth 
G-BBOH             Pitts S-1S 
K-3032             NF-5A              (315SQ) 
K-4030             NF-5B              315SQ 
WB531              DH.104 
XS713/C            DOMINIE T.1        6 FTS 
XV186              HERCULES C.1       LTW 
XV297              HERCULES C.1       LTW 
XM608              VULCAN B.2         50SQ 
XV573/L            PHANTOM FG.1       43SQ 
XV579/R            PHANTOM FG.1       43SQ 
XW432/60           JET PROVOST T.5A   3FTS 
XW336              JET PROVOST T.5A   RAFC Poachers 
XW357              JET PROVOST T.5A   RAFC Poachers 
XW369              JET PROVOST T.5A   RAFC Poachers 
XW420              JET PROVOST T.5A   RAFC Poachers 
XW422              JET PROVOST T.5A   RAFC Poachers 
10x                GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
TF956              SEA FURY 
LF363              HURRICANE 
PS853              SPITFIRE 
PA474              LANCASTER 
N17TE              B.17 
N794FT             DC-8 

Flying Only: 
XN977              BUCCANEER S.2      237 OCU 
K-3068             NF-5A              314 Sqn 
K-4021             NF-5B              314 Sqn 
D-8341             F-104G             322/323 Sqn 
4x                 F-111E             20 TFW 
65-0689/LN         F-4D               48 TFW 
65-0701/LN         F-4D               48 TFW 
65-0777/LN         F-4D               48 TFW 
66-0202/LN         F-4D               48 TFW 
G-BADW             Pitts S-2A         Rothmans Aerobatic Team 
G-BADX             Pitts S-2A         Rothmans Aerobatic Team 
G-BADY             Pitts S-2A         Rothmans Aerobatic Team 
G-BADZ             Pitts S-2A         Rothmans Aerobatic Team 

Unknown location: 
G-BDKS             Pitts S-2A 
XW367              Jet Provost T.5A 

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