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Mildenhall 2000

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Date: 26 May 2000

Made by: Scramble, Grant Robinson, Michael Wilson, Kevin Hall


F-4F, German AF
Fortunately the bad weather at the Air Fete did not restrain the participants from performing their demonstrations. The German Air Force did not perform any flying demonstration for quite a while after the Frecce Tricolori accident at Ramstein in 1988, but fortunately the Germans started flying again. Phantoms are becoming a rare sight at airshows, so this flying 3747 of JG72 was more than welcome!

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

3843			F-4F		JG72	           
4309		        Tornado 	JBG38              
4644		        Tornado ECR	JBG32              
5099		        C-160D 		LTG61              
8065		        Bo105M		HFR15              
8499		        CH-53G		HFR15              
F223/64-GW	        C-160NG		ET 64              
CSX62164	        P180AM		RSV                
J-062		        F-16AM		322sq              
J-064		        F-16BM		322sq              
L4-01		        L410UVP-E	Slovenian Air Force
351401/01	        J-35Ö Draken	Fliegerregiment II 
BF36		        Saab 105Ö	Fliegerregiment III
69-7456		        RF-4E		113 Filo           
XS728/E		        Dominie T1	55(R)sq            
XX399		        Gazelle AH1	847sq              
ZH659/107	        Harrier T10	20(R)sq            
ZH876/876	        Hercules C4	LTW                
XW213		        Puma HC1	72sq               
ZE418/CU-82	        Sea King AEW2A	849sq              
ZE258/AQ	        Tornado F3	56(R)sq            
ZE342		        Tornado F3	111sq              
100006/006	        S100B		F16M               
81-0991/SP	        OA-10A		81st FS            
85-0069		        B-1B		127th BS KS ANG    
60-0052/LA	        B-52H		96th BS            
86-0012		        C-5B		21st AS            
87-0118		        KC-10A		6th ARS            
86-0079		        C-12J		HQ USEUCOM         
97-0045		        C-17A		437th AW           
84-0084		        C-21A		76th AS            
69-5826		        MC-130P		67th SOS           
69-6570		        AC-130H		16th SOS           
73-1590/DM	        EC-130H		43rd ECS           
84-0476		        MC-130H		7th SOS            
62-3561/D	        KC-135R		351st ARS          
79-0003/OK	        E-3B		552nd ACW          
86-0176/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS           
91-0313/LN	        F-15E		494th FS           
89-2035/AV	        F-16C		555th FS           
74-22513	        UH-1H 		HQ USEUCOM         
69-5795		        MH-53M		21st SOS           
163840		        UC-12M		NAF Mildenhall     
161121/15	        P-3C		VQ-2               
RA-44506	        Yak-18T                            

Nearside flightlines:
FA116			F-16A		10 Wing            
FA136		        F-16A		10 Wing            
130323		        CC-130E		CF                 
3747		        F-4F		JG72               
518/5-OM	        Mirage 2000B	EC02.005           
522/5-OV	        Mirage 2000B	EC02.005           
L-09, L-11	        PC-7		131EMVOsq          
351408/08	        J-35Ö Draken	Fliegerregiment II 
GF16		        Saab 105Ö	Fliegerregiment III
ZD375/23	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq            
ZD464/54	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq            
XX752/D		        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq            
90-0040/WM	        B-2A		509th BW           
81-10798/HO	        F-117A		9th FS             
G-BEDF		        B-17G		'124485/DF-A'      
N88972		        B-25D		' KL161/VO-B'      

The Patrouille de France with Alpha Jet Es:
E26/4, E81/9, E120/3, E128/2, E138/0
E151/7, E153/1, E165/5, E169/6, E175/8

The Frecce Tricolori with MB339As:
MM54473/8, MM54475/1, MM54480/7, MM54485/9, MM54500/4
MM54517/3, MM54536/5, MM54542/10, MM54543/6, MM54546/2

The Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As:
XX227, XX233, XX237, XX260, XX264
XX266, XX294, XX306, XX307, XX308

And the Royal Jordanian Falcons with EA300s:

Farside flightlines:
AT08, AT19		Alpha Jet	1w                    
CF01		        SA226T		21sm                          
MT13, MT14	        CM170		33sm                          
4657		        Tornado ECR	JBG32                 
4537, 4547	        Tornado		MFG2                          
CSX7158/RS-12	        AMX		RSV                           
MM55068/61-134	        MB339CD		61 Stormo                     
MM62153X/RS-46	        G222TCM		RSV                           
L9-51, L9-52	        PC-9		15 Brigada                    
69-7525		        RF-4E		113 Filo                      
XW846/M, XX378	        Gazelle AH1	671 Sqn/Blue	Eagles
XX447, ZA777	        Gazelle AH1	671 Sqn/Blue Eagles   
XV211		        Hercules C1	LTW                   
XZ203/L		        Lynx AH7	671 Sqn/Blue Eagles   
ZF413/413, ZF515/515	Tucano T1	1 FTS
84001/841		Tp84		F7              
82-0649/SP		OA-10A	        81st FS         
85-0060			B-1B	        127th BS KS ANG 
60-0037/LA		B-52H	        96th BS         
83-0500			C-20A	        76th AS         
63-7814			C-130E	        67th SOS        
69-5823, 69-5828	MC-130P	        67th SOS        
69-5831, 69-5832	MC-130P	        67th SOS        
87-0023, 88-0193	MC-130H	        7th SOS         
88-0194			MC-130H	        7th SOS         
57-1433			KC-135E	        197th ARS AZ ANG
57-1463			KC-135E	        117th ARS KS ANG
59-1502, 61-0312/D	KC-135R	        351st ARS       
62-3498/D, 62-3528/D	KC-135R	        351st ARS       
63-7979/D, 63-8874/D	KC-135R	        351st ARS       
64-14845/OF		RC-135V	        38th RS         
89-2016/AV		F-16C	        31st FW '16AF'  
88-0841/HO		F-117A		9th FS
67-14994, 69-5796	MH-53M		21st SOS
70-1630, 73-1649	MH-53M		21st SOS
73-1652			MH-53M		21st SOS

The Patrouille Suisse with F-5Es:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083, J-3084
J-3085, J-3087, J-3091

On Sports field:
87-24645		UH-60A		45th Med. Co.
88-26045		UH-60A		45th Med. Co.
Flying only:
PZ865?/PF-C		Hurricane	BBMF
PS915/UM-G V-S		Spitfire PRXIX	BBMF
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	BBMF
ZK-RMH			P-40E		'NZ3009'
G-BXUL			FG-1D		'NZ5648/648'
G-BTCD			P-51D		'463221/E2-Z'

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