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Boscombe Down 1992

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Date: 13/14 June 1992

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Updated: 14 June 2005

Su-27 and Tu-134
Many people will remember the arrival of the Russian Su-27P Flanker and the Tu-134: while the Tupolev was landing, the Flanker was flying at very low level and very slow speed parallel to the runway. After that, the Su-27 pilot decided to fly a not so standard circuit and come in as well.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

ANDOVER E3            XS603/603       115 SQN             S 
BAE125 CC3            ZD703           32 SQN              S 
BUCCANEER S2B         XW530           12 SQN              S 
BULLDOG T1            XX688/S         LIVERPOOL UAS       S 
GAZELLE HT3           XX396/N         RAF EXHIB FLT       S 
HARRIER GR5           ZD324/B         233OCU              S 
HARRIER GR5           ZD401/AA        233OCU              N 
HARRIER GR7           ZD432/N         233OCU              N 
HARRIER GR7           ZG501/E         SAOEU               N 
HARRIER T4            XW269/BD        SAOEU               N 
HAWK T1               XX311/311       4 FTS               S 
HAWK T1               XX312           100 SQN             S SPECIAL C/S 
HAWK T1A              XX230           7 FTS/63 SQN        N 
HAWK T1A REPLICA      "XX263"         RAFEF               S 
HAWK T1A              XX281           7 FTS/151 SQN       N 
HAWK T1A              XX318           234 SQN             S ANNIV C/S 
HAWK T1A              XX345/Y         7 FTS/151 SQN       S 
HERCULES C1P          XV292/292       LTW                 S ANNIV C/S 
HS125		      ZD621	    			  N
JET PROVOST T3A       XM424           1 FTS               N SPECIAL C/S 
JET PROVOST T3A       XW466           1 FTS               N SPECIAL C/S 
JET PROVOST T5A       XW369/69        1 FTS               S 
JETSTREAM T1          XX498/F         6 FTS               S 
NIMROD MR2            XV230/30        120 SQN             S 
NIMROD MR2            XV235/35        120 SQN             S 
PHANTOM FGR2          XV408/F         56 SQN              S 92 SQN C/S 
PUMA HC1              XW227/DN        230 SQN             N 
SEA KING HAR3         ZE370           202 SQN             N 
SENTRY AEW1           ZH103/03        8 SQN               S 
TORNADO F3            ZE251/DE        11 SQN              N 
TORNADO GR1           ZA462/AJ-M      617 SQN             S 
TORNADO GR1A          ZD996/I         2 SQN               S 
TORNADO GR1A          ZG706/E         SAOEU               N 
TORNADO GR1A          ZG712/F         13 SQN              S 
TORNADO GR1A          ZG727/L         13 SQN              N 
TRISTAR KC1           ZD950           216 SQN             S 
TUCANO T1             ZF205/205       CFS                 S 
TUCANO T1             ZF374/374       3 FTS               S 
VC10 K3               ZA148/G         101 SQN             S 
VICTOR K2             XL161           55 SQN              S 
VULCAN B2             XH558           VDF                 N 
WESSEX HC2            XS679/WG        2 FTS               S 
WESSEX HC2            XT601           22 SQN              N 
GAZELLE AH1           XZ347/T         664 SQN/9 REGT      S GULF C/S 
LYNX AH7              XZ190/N         671 SQN EAGLES      N 
LYNX AH7              XZ661/L         671 SQN EAGLES      N 
LYNX AH7              XZ675/E         671 SQN EAGLES      N 
LYNX AH7              ZD279/C         671 SQN EAGLES      N 
LYNX AH9              ZG888           9 REGT              S 
GAZELLE HT2           XW864/CU-554    705 SQN             N 
GAZELLE HT2           XW884/CU-541    705 SQN             N 
GAZELLE HT2           XW907/CU-548    705 SQN             N 
GAZELLE HT2           XX441/CU-538    705 SQN             N 
GAZELLE HT2           ZB647/CU-559    705 SQN             N 
LYNX HAS3             ZD252/302       815 SQN             N 
ANDOVER C1            XS606           ETPS                S 
ANDOVER C1            XS646           DRA FARNBOROUGH     S 
ANDOVER C1(PR)        XS596           A&AEE LOAN          S 
BAC-111 SRS 479       ZE432           ETPS                S 
BASSETT CC1           XS743           ETPS                S 
BUCCANEER S2B         XW987           A&AEE               S 
CANBERRA B(I)6        WT309           A&AEE               N 
CANBERRA T4           WJ992           RAE BEDFORD         S 
DEVON C2              VP968           A&AEE               S 
GAZELLE HT3           XZ936           ETPS                S 
HARRIER GR7           ZD318           A&AEE               N 
HARRIER GR7           ZG861           A&AEE               S 
HARVARD T2            FT375/5         A&AEE               S 
HARVARD T2            KF183/3         A&AEE               S 
HAWK T1               XX342/2         ETPS                S 
HAWK T1               XX343/3         ETPS                S 
HAWK T1 ASTRA         XX341/1         ETPS                S 
HERCULES C1P          XV182/182       A&AEE               N HANGERED 
HUNTER FGA9           XE601           A&AEE               S 
HUNTER T7             XL563           IAM                 S 
HUNTER T7             XL564/4         ETPS                S 
JAGUAR GR1A           XX979           A&AEE               N 
JAGUAR T2A            XX145/145       ETPS                S 
JAGUAR T2A            XX830/830       ETPS                S 
JAGUAR T2A            ZB615           DRA FARNBOROUGH     S 
JET PROVOST T5P       XS230           ETPS                S 
LIGHTNING F6          XS904           BAE WARTON          S 
LYNX HAS3             ZD249           A&AEE               S 
LYNX AH7              ZD560           ETPS                S 
METEOR T7 SPECIAL     WL419           MARTIN BAKER        S 
PHANTOM FG1           XT597           A&AEE               S 
PC-9                  ZG969           BAE                 S 
SEA KING HC4          ZF115           A&AEE               S 
SEA KING HC4          ZG829           ETPS                N 
SEA KING MK4X         ZB506           DRA BEDFORD         S 
TORNADO F2            ZD900           A&AEE               S 
TORNADO GR1           ZA354           A&AEE               N 
TORNADO GR1A          ZA402           A&AEE               N 
WESSEX HC2            XR503           DRA BEDFORD         S 
WESSEX HU5            XS509           ETPS                N 
VAMPIRE T55           ZH563/U-1216     -                  S 
BOEING 707-338C       A20-623         33 SQN              S 
C-130E HERCULES       A97-190/90      37 SQN              S 
ALPHA JET             AT-11           9WG                 N SPECIAL C/S 
ALPHA JET             AT-24           9WG                 N 
C-130H HERCULES       CH-05           20 SM               S ANNIV C/S 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON FA-28           350 SM              N RD 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON FA-38           350 SM              N RD 
MIRAGE 5BD            BD-04           42 SM               S 
CF-18A HORNET         188760          439 SQN             S 
CF-18A HORNET         188764          439 SQN             S TIGER C/S 
CP-140 AURORA         140116          405 SQN             S 
CT-133 SILVER STAR    133052          1 CAD               S 
SU-27P                595             TSAGI               S (C/N 36911037511) 
AN-12BP               2105            1 SQN / 1 WG        S 
L-39ZA ALBATROS       5015 (035015)   1 SQN / 11 REGT     S 
L-39ZA ALBATROS       5017 (035017)   1 SQN / 11 REGT     S 
MIG-29                3911 (32039)    1 SQN / 11 WG       S TIGER C/S 
MIG-29                5616 (32356)    1 SQN / 11 WG       S TIGER C/S 
SU-22M4               4009/29 (40509) 2 SQN / 20 REGT     S 
SU-25K                9013 (2550810)  1 SQN / 30 REGT     S SPECIAL C/S 
C-130H HERCULES       B-678           ESK 721 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON E-597           ESK 730             S 
F-16B FIGHTING FALCON ET-612          ESK 730             S 
A.35XD DRAKEN         A-011           ESK 729             S ESK725 MARKINGS 
SK.35XD DRAKEN        AT-156          ESK 729             S 
T-17 SUPPORTER        T-407           ESK 721             S 
LYNX MK80             S-175           ESK 722             S 
S-61A                 U-278           ESK 722             S 
ALPHA JET             E156/1 F-TERG   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E36/2 F-TERC    P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E170/3 F-TERM   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E125/4 F-TERH   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E49/5 F-TERI    P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E92/6 F-TERE    P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E126/7 F-TERA   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E103/8 F-TERO   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E132/9 F-TERN   P DE F              N 
ALPHA JET             E155/0 F-TERF   P DE F              N 
C-160F TRANSALL       F48/61-MT       ET61                N 
ALIZE                 51              4F                  S 
ATLANTIC 2            5               23F                 S 
F-8E(FN)              8               12F                 S 
F-8E(FN)              29              12F                 S 
FALCON 10MER          133             57S                 S 
SUPER ETENDARD        52              11F                 S 
SUPER ETENDARD        60              11F                 N 
CESSNA 406            0010/AGT        3 GHL               S 
BO.105M               8003            HFWS                S 
BO.105P               8606            HFWS                S 
CH-53G                8410            HFWS                S 
CH-53G                8508            MHFTR-25            S 
ALPHA JET             4040            JBG-49              S 
ALPHA JET             4056            WTD-61              S 
ALPHA JET             4064            JBG-49              S 
AN-26                 5206            TS-24               S 
C-160D TRANSALL       5051            LTG-61              S 
DO.28D-2              5850            JBG-38              S 
F-4F PHANTOM          3808            JG-74               S 
RF-4E PHANTOM         3524            AKG-52              S 
RF-4E PHANTOM         3586            AKG-51              S 
HANSA JET             1625            JBG-32              S 
HANSA JET             1627            JBG-32              S 
TORNADO ECR           4626            JBG-32              S 
TORNADO ECR           4635            JBG-32              S 
UH-1D                 7118            LTG-64              S 
ATLANTIC              6108            MFG-3               S 
DO.28D-2              5918            MFG-5               S 
LYNX MK88             8315            MFG-3               S 
MIL MI-8              9412            MFlgHschrGr         S 
SEA KING MK41         8955            MFG-5               S 
TORNADO               4372            MFG-1               S 
TORNADO               4514            MFG-2               N 
TORNADO               4543            MFG-2               S 
TORNADO               4571            MFG-2               S 
TORNADO               4619            MFG-2               S 
AN-26                 204 (02204)     Jnt Air Tran Bde    S 
ATLANTIC              MM40122/30-07   30 STORMO           S 
E-3A SENTRY           LX-N90455       NAEWF               S 
ALOUETTE III          A-324           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          A-343           298 SQN             S 
ALOUETTE III          A-350           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          A-390           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          A-398           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          A-453           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          A-465           GRASSHOPPERS        N 
ALOUETTE III          H-20            SAR FLT             S 
BO.105CB              B-67            299 SQN             S 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON J-213           323 SQN             N SPECIAL C/S 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON J-226           322 SQN             N SPECIAL C/S 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON J-873           312 SQN             S 
F-16B FIGHTING FALCON J-068           313 SQN             S TIGER C/S 
F-16B FIGHTING FALCON J-653           TEST GRP            S 
F-16B FIGHTING FALCON J-656           312 SQN             S 
P-3C ORION            304             320 SQN             S ANNIV C/S 
SH-14B LYNX           283             860 SQN             S 
BOEING 727-22C        NZ7271          40 SQN              S 
MB-339CB              NZ6469/69       14 SQN              S 
F-16A FIGHTING FALCON 273             332 SKV             N 
F-16B FIGHTING FALCON 307             332 SKV             S 
F-5A FREEDOM FIGHTER  133             336 SKV             S 
F-5B FREEDOM FIGHTER  244             336 SKV             S 
BAC 111-485           551             4 SQN               S 
E-3A SENTRY           1802            18 SQN              S 
CASA 101              E.25-07/79-07   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-08/79-08   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-13/79-13   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-23/79-23   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-25/79-25   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-26/79-26   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-27/79-27   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 101              E.25-28/79-28   TEAM AQUILLA        N 
CASA 212D             TE.12B-41/79-94 ALA 79              N 
CN.235                T.19B-06/35-24  ALA 35              S 
EF-18A HORNET         C.15-51/12-09   ALA 12              N 
EF-18B HORNET         CE.15-9/12-72   ALA 12              N 
SAAB 105              60033/33        TEAM 60/F5          N 
SAAB 105              60061/61        TEAM 60/F5          N 
SAAB 105              60062/62        TEAM 60/F5          N 
SAAB 105              60096/96        TEAM 60/F5          N 
SAAB 105              60098/98        TEAM 60/F5          N 
SAAB 105              60105/105       F5                  N 
SAAB 105              60139/139       TEAM 60/F5          N 
HUNTER F58            J-4020          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4023          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4025          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4026          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4029          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4031          PATR. SUISSE        N 
HUNTER F58            J-4032          PATR. SUISSE        N 
F-4E PHANTOM          68-0342/7-342   7AHU                S 
F-4E PHANTOM          68-0473/7-473   7AHU                S 
B-1B LANCER           85-0080         384WG               S 
B-52G STRATOFORTRESS  57-6492         379WG               N 
B-52H STRATOFORTRESS  61-0017         92WG                S 
C-130H HERCULES       74-1680         463AW               S 
C-141B STARLIFTER     66-0159         62AW                S 
C-5A GALAXY           70-0452         436AW               S 
E-3B SENTRY           75-0556         552WG               S BK 
F-111D                68-0122/CC      27FW/552FS          S RD 
F-15C EAGLE           85-0095/EG      33FW                S RD 
F-15C EAGLE           85-0097/EG      33FW                S RD 
F-15D EAGLE           85-0132/EG      33FW                S RD 
F-15D EAGLE           85-0134/EG      33FW                S RD 
KC-10A EXTENDER       83-0082         458ORG              S 
KC-135A STRATOTANKER  63-8016         379WG               S 
RC-135U               64-14849        55WG                S 
A-10A THUNDERBOLT II  80-0192/WR      81FW/92TFS          S 
A-10A THUNDERBOLT II  81-0983/WR      81FW                S YW 
C-12F                 84-0166         58MAS               S 
C-130E HERCULES       68-10935        435AW               S 
C-21A                 84-0083         7005ABS             S 
C-21A                 84-0085         58MAS               S 
F-111E                67-0119/UH      20FW                S RD 
F-111E                68-0046/UH      20FW                S RD 
F-111F                70-2370/LN      48FW                S RD 
F-111F                70-2374/LN      48FW                S RD 
F-15C EAGLE           80-0021/-       57FIS               S 
F-15C EAGLE           80-0038/IS      57FIS               S BK/W 
F-16C FIGHTING FALCON 87-0282/SP      52FW                S RD 
F-4G PHANTOM          69-0241/SP      52FW/81FS           S YW 
F-4G PHANTOM          69-0247/SP      52FW                S YW 
KC-135E STRATOTANKER  58-0085         336ARW/452ARW       S YW 
KC-135E STRATOTANKER  59-1506         147ARS/PA ANG       S 
KC-130T HERCULES      164181/NY-4181  VMGR-452            S 
C-2A GREYHOUND        162143/JM-24    VR-24               S 
EP-3E ORION           150505/24       VQ-2                S 
F-14B TOMCAT          162925/AA-100   VF-74               N 
F/A-18C HORNET        163444/AA-300   VFA-83              S 
KC-130F HERCULES      148892/JL-8892  VR-22               S 
P-3C ORION            158569/LN-5     VP-45               S 
P-3C ORION            163006/JA-06    VX-1                S 
P-3C ORION            163289/LT-7     LT-7                S 
S-3B VIKING           159390/AA-700   VS-30               S 
C-12C                 76-22550        HQ USEUCOM          S 
AN-2                  165221/G-BTCU   PRIVATE             S 
B-17G FLYING FORTRESS 124485/G-BEDF   B-17 PRES SOC.      S 
B-24A LIBERATOR       402366/N24927   CONFEDERATE AF      S 
B-25D MITCHELL        KL161/N88972    TFC                 S 
BAE 125-800           N98             FAA                 S EX C-29A 
DEVON C2              WB531/G-BLRN    PRIVATE             S 
FWP.149D              151/D-EDNN      PRIVATE             S 
P-38J		      N3145X (cn 2054)TFC
P-47D THUNDERBOLT     226671/N47DD    TFC                 S 
P-51D MUSTANG         463221/G-BTCD   TFC                 S 
P-51D MUSTANG         511371/N1051S   PRIVATE             S 
PROVOST T1            XF598/G-BKFW    PRIVATE             S 
PROVOST T1            XF690/G-MOOS    PRIVATE             S 
SEA DEVON C20         XK895/G-SDEV    PRIVATE             S 
SPIFIRE HF.IXe        MJ730           PRIVATE             S 
TU-134A               CCCP-65927      AEROFLOT            S 
FALCON 20DC	      G-FRAA	      FR Ltd

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