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Farnborough 1960

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Date: 5-11 September 1960

Made by: Ian J McGarrigle

Updated:  22 April 2022 by Ian J Mcgarrigle

G-APRL  Armstrong-Whitworth AW.650	AW.6652
G-APRN  Armstrong-Whitworth AW.650	AW.6654
G-ARDX  Auster 6A Tugmaster       	1905
CS-AMA  Auster D4/108             	3602
G-ARDJ  Auster D6/180             	3704
G-29-1  Avro 694 Lincoln B.2                 		Napier Icing r
XH482   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH483   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH497   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH498   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH501   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2                  		617 Sqdn.
XH502   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH533   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
XH534   Avro 698 Vulcan B.2
WR979   Avro Shackleton MR.3
XF707   Avro Shackleton MR.3
XF708   Avro Shackleton MR.3                 		201 Sqdn. 'O'
XF709   Avro Shackleton MR.3
XF711   Avro Shackleton MR.3                 		201 Sqdn.
G-APZV  Bae-748-100               	1534
XK488   Blackburn Buccaneer S.1   	B3-03-58
XK489   Blackburn Buccaneer S.1   	B3-04-58
XG451   Bristol 192 Belvedere HC.1	13346
XG452   Bristol 192 Belvedere HC.1	13347
XG454   Bristol 192 Belvedere HC.1	13349
G-ARDH  De Havilland 104 Dove 8X  	04519
XN453   De Havilland 106 Comet 2E 	06026
XJ578   DE Havilland 110 Sea Vixen	10060
G-AMTS  De Havilland 114 Heron 2  	14007
G-APEV  De Havilland 114 Heron 2D 	14125
G-AOFR  De Havilland 82A Tiger Mot	86425
G-ANAR  De Havilland Canada 2 Beav	80
XG332   English Electric Lightning	95021
XM138   English Electric Lightning	95034
XM140   English Electric Lightning	95036      	74 Sqdn. 'M'
XM141   English Electric Lightning	95037      	74 Sqdn. 'D'
XM142   English Electric Lightning	95038      	74 Sqdn. 'B'
XM164   English Electric Lightning	95045      	74 Sqdn. 'K'
XM165   English Electric Lightning	95046      	74 Sqdn. 'F'
XL629   English Electric Lightning	95050
G-APWL  EoN AP.10 460 Srs.1A      	EoN/S/001  	BGA-1172 Also
127     EoN AP.5 Olympia 2B
XA515   Fairey Gannet T.2         	F.9335     	'24'
XE521   Fairey Rotodyne           	F.9429
XM691   Folland Gnat T.1          	FL.501
XM693   Folland Gnat T.1          	FL.503
A92-210 GAF Jindivik 2B
XH844   Gloster Javelin FAW.9
WS793   Gloster Meteor NF.14                 		ETPS '5'
WL488   Gloster Meteor T.7                   		ETPS '11'
XH588   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.1
XH589   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor           		15 Sqdn.
XH591   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.1
XH592   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.1
XH590   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor            		15 Sqdn.
XH669   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.2
XH669   Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.2
G-APZV  Hawker-Sidderley 748-100  	1534      	 Skyways
XG168   Hawker Hunter FR.10       	S4/U/3401               
XE653   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/679997 	111 Sqdn. 'S'
XF416   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3293       111 Sqdn. 'T'
XF430   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3306       111 Sqdn. 'V'
XF430   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3307       111 Sqdn.    
XF437   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3314                    
XF446   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3323       111 Sqdn. 'R'
XF506   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3352       111 Sqdn. 'X'
XF511   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3357       111 Sqdn.    
XG129   Hawker Hunter F.6                               111 Sqdn. 'F'
XG160   Hawker Hunter F.6               S4/U/3393       111 Sqdn. 'U'
XG170   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680007      111 Sqdn. 'G'
XG171   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680008      111 Sqdn.    
XG189   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680014      111 Sqdn. 'D'
XG190   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680015      111 Sqdn. 'C'
XG194   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680019      111 Sqdn.    
XG200   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680025      111 Sqdn. 'Q'
XG201   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680026      111 Sqdn. 'B'
XG205   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/680030                   
XJ715   Hawker Hunter F.6               41H/688090      111 Sqdn. 'H'
G-APUX  Hawker Hunter T.66A             8763                    
XL610   Hawker Hunter T.7         	41H/695344 	111 Sqdn. 'Z'
G-APWA  HPR-7-101 Herald          	149
G-AOUS  Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet	P.84/14         
XM411   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/9218 	'R-G'
XM413   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/9220      'R-H'
XM422   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/9229      'R-K'
XM423   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/9230      'R-J'
XM424   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/9231      
XM428   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet			'R-M'
XN462   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet	PAC/W/10141
XN469   Hunting-Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/10148
XN462   Hunting Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/10141
XN468   Hunting Percival HP.84 Jet      PAC/W/10147
G-APWX  Percival EP.9 Prospector  	41     
G-APXW  Percival EP.9 Prospector        43     
G-ARDG  Percival EP.9 Prospector        47     
G-APNU  Saro P.531 Wasp                 S2/5267
XN334   Saro P.531 Wasp                 S2/5270
XL736   Saunders-Roe Skeeter AOP.1	S2/5067                
XM563   Saunders-Roe Skeeter AOP.1      S2/5118    	Turmo Engine
G-APPH  Scottish Aviation Twin Pio      540                    
XG905   Short SC1                       SH.1815                
BGA864  Slingsby T.43 Skylark 3B        1140                   
BGA888  Slingsby T.45 Swallow           1210                   
C-FTKB  Vickers-Armstrong 952 Vang      725        	TCA         
WZ395   Vickers V.706 Valiant B.1            		148 Sqdn.
XD817   Vickers V.706 Valiant B.1                       148 Sqdn.
XD819   Vickers V.706 Valiant B.1                       148 Sqdn.
XD820   Vickers V.706 Valiant B.1                       148 Sqdn.
XD874   Vickers V.706 Valiant B.1                       148 Sqdn.
G-APVD  Westland 51 Widgeon 2     	WA/H/151
G-APWK  Westland 51 Widgeon 2           WA/H/152
XJ398   Westland 55 Whirlwind HAR.      WA/62   
XM839   Westland 58 Wessex HAS.1        WA/20   
G-APLE  Westland 59 Westminster         WA/1    
XP165   Westland Scout AH1              S2/8437 

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