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Shawbury 1992

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Date: 30 July 1992

Made by: Phil Jones


XX382/M           GAZELLE HT3             2FTS                         HANGERED 
ZA903/X           GAZELLE HT3             2FTS                         HANGERED 
ZA804/I           GAZELLE HT3             2FTS                         HANGERED 
XZ935             GAZELLE HT3             32SQN                        HANGERED 
XT606/WL          WESSEX HC2              2FTS 
XW906/J           GAZELLE HT3             2FTS 
WP974/96          CHIPMUNK T10            10AEF 
XS735/R           DOMINIE T1              6FTS 
XX494/B           JETSTREAM T1            6FTS 
XT634/T           SCOUT AH1               666(TA) SQN 
XN972/8183M       BUCCANEER NOSE          RAF Exhibition Flight        (Really XN962) 
XX185             HAWK T1                 4FTS 
ZH269             VIGILANT T1             633VGS 
XX720/EN          JAGUAR GR1A             STORED 
XW330/82          JET PROVOST T5A         STORED 
XL565             HUNTER T7               STORED 
ZF138             TUCANO T1               STORED 
XW229/DB          PUMA HC1                33SQN 

On Airfield by Tower: 
XT672/WE          WESSEX HC2              2FTS 
XV722/WH          WESSEX HC2              2FTS 
XS679/WG          WESSEX HC2              2FTS 

ZD353/H           HARRIER GR5             HOCU,20(R)SQN 
ZD348/G           HARRIER GR5             HOCU,20(R)SQN 
XR521/WD          WESSEX HC2              2FTS                         TAC DEMO 
XR505/WA          WESSEX HC2              2FTS                         TAC DEMO 
XZ661/L           LYNX AH1                671SQN 
XM424             JET PROVOST T3A         1FTS 
XM466             JET PROVOST T3A         1FTS 
ZE369             SEAKING HAR3            202SQN 
XX163             HAWK T1                 4FTS 
ZA683/EW          CHINOOK HC1             7SQN 
ZF202             TUCANO T1               3FTS 
ZF295             TUCANO T1               3FTS 
XX520/2           BULLDOG T1              CFS 
XT668/S           WESSEX HC2              72SQN 

XX227,266,306,294,252,264,237,253,260,308,233 HAWK T1's RED ARROWS 

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