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Leeming 1994

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Date: 29 July 1994

Made by: Ian Jack


Serial/Code:        Type:                 Unit:                 Callsign: 
ZD703               HS 125                32 Sqn                Ascot 1541 
XV243               Nimrod MR.2P          Kinloss               8 FT 
?????/7             Gazelle                                     AA321 
?????/AO            Tornado F.3           56[R] Sqn             L 03 
XX447               Gazelle                                     AA 404 
43+10/G-29          Tornado IDS           TTTE                  COT 82 
86-164/LN '493 FS'  F-15C                 493 FS                Lobo 01 
G-BUUK              Firefly 
ZD709/BR            Tornado GR.1                                Viper 1 
ZA393/BE            Tornado GR.1                                Viper 2 
E-200               F-16A                 Esk 723               DAF 3060A 
E-188               F-16A                 Esk 723               DAF 3060B 
XX475/572           Jetstream T.2         750 Sqn               01 
mm54395/32-05       G.91T                                       IAF 9404A 
mm54396/32-06       G.91T                                       IAF 9404B 
ZE395               Hs 125                32 Sqn 
ZE693/712 1/2         Sea Harrier F/A2      899 Sqn               Fist 1 
ZD612/724           Sea Harrier F/A2      899 Sqn               Fist 2 
8178/FU175          Sabre 
XV210               C-130                 LTW                   Ascot 506 
G-JURE              ? 
XX181/CB            Hawk                  100 Sqn               Archer 1 
XX188/CG            Hawk                  100 Sqn               Archer 2 
C-8                 F.27-300M             334 Sqn               NlAF 10 
XX240               Hawk                  6 FTS                 FYY 21 
ZE789/AV            Tornado F.3           56 Sqn                Phoenix 1 
ZG768/AX            Tornado F.3           56 Sqn                Phoenix 2 
ZF409               Tucano T.1            3 FTS                 Poacher 1 
ZF377               Tucano T.1            3 FTS                 Poacher 2 
XX492/A             Jetstream T.1         6 FTS                 FYY 74 
XX970/EH            Jaguar                6 Sqn                 F 6 D 21 
ZF406               Tucano T.1            1 FTS                 LOP 88T 
XX301               Hawk                  19 Sqn                CHV 43 
G-PASE              Squirrel              POLICE                Special 103 
XX498/F             Jetstream T.1         6 FTS                 FYY 46 
ZF449               Tucano T.1            CFS 
G-BUUH              Firefly 
XN461               Jet Provost T.3       Private 
G-ANOH              Tiger Moth 

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