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Cosford 1997

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Date: 8 June 1997

Made by: David Miller


ZD352	19		Harrier GR.7		1 Sqn.	                   
XX492	A	        Jetstream T.1	        3 FTS	           
XS729	G	        Domini T.1	        3 FTS	           
XS733	Q	        Domini T.1	        3 FTS	           
ZF206		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	           
ZJ234		        Griffin HT.1	        DHFS	           
ZJ258		        Squirrel HT.1	        DHFS	           
XX671	D	        Bulldog T.1		Birmingham UAS           
"MK178"	LZ-V	        Spitfire LF XVIe	EP & TU	Act. TE311 
"XX226"		        Hawk FSM		EP & TU	                   
"ZH139"		        Harrier FSM		EP & TU	                   
XX110	EP	        Jaguar GR.1		1 SoTT	                   
XM351/8073M		Jet Provost T.3		1 SoTT	
XW304	MD		Jet Provost T.5		1 SoTT	        
XW328	MI	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW364	MN	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW370	MP	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW405	MQ	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW416	MS	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW420	MU	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW425	MV	        Jet Provost T.5A	1 SoTT	
XW547	R	        Bucaneer S.2B		Museum	        
WE600		        Auster T.7		Museum        
WP912		        Chipmunk T.10		Museum        
VP952		        Devon C.2		Museum        
WS843	Y	        Meteor NF.14		Museum        
WV746		        Pembroke C.1		Museum        
WV562	R-C	        Provost T.1		Museum        
WL732		        Sea Balliol T.21	Museum	
"KL216"	L	        P-47 Thunderbolt	Museum	
Hanger 3:				
R6			Discus B		RAFGSA	
XS710	O		Domini T.1	        1 SoTT
XW265	W		Harrier T.4	        1 SoTT
XX975/8905M/7		Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT
XZ370			Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT

Hanger 4:				
XX756	AM		Jaguar GR.1		1 SoTT	
XX819	CE		Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT 
XX959	CJ		Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT 
XZ368	AG		Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT 
XZ383	AF		Jaguar GR.1	        1 SoTT 
XX746/8895M/09		Jaguar GR.1A	        1 SoTT 
ZD434	46		Harrier GR.7		HOCU/20(R) Sqn.	also flew     
XV215		        Hercules C.1	        LTW		also flew        
XZ693	301	        Lynx HAS.3S	        815 Sqn.	also flew     
ZE292		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS		also flew        
ZF418		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                              
XX561	7	        Bulldog T.1	        CFS	                              
226671/NX47DD		P-47M		        		also flew     
474008			P-51D		        		also flew     
855/N56421		PT-22		                                              
N58566			BT-13		                                              
Flying Only:				                                              
AT25			Alpa Jet	        RBAF	                              
		        F-16		        RDAF	                              
XV218		        Hercules C.1	        LTW		Parachute Drop
		        Jaguar		        16(R) Sqn.	                      
XZ284		        Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss Wing	                      
WV908	A-188	        Sea Hawk FGA.6	        FAAHF	                              
PA474		        Lancaster	        BoBMF	                              
PZ865		        Hurricane IIC	        BoBMF	                              
AB910		        Spitfire Vb	        BoBMF                                 
122485/G-BEDF		B-17G	
XE677			Hunter F.4	
WM167/G-LOSM		Meteor NF.11	
  + "The Red Arrows"			
Pleasure Flights:			
G-AMPZ			DC-3			Air Atlantic
G-BWZW		        Jet Ranger	    
G-OJCB		        Jet Ranger	    
G-SHCC		        Jet Ranger	    

Also on Airfield:			
XS641			Andover C.1(PR)		1 SoTT 
ZH265		        Vigilant T.1	        633 VGS
ZH266		        Vigilant T.1	        633 VGS
ZH125		        Vigilant T.1	        633 VGS
ZH206		        Vigilant T.1	        633 VGS

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