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Greenham Common 1974

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Date: 6/7 July 1974

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Updated: 3 June 2004

F-8E(FN) Crusader, French Navy
One of the characteristic features of the F-8 is demonstrated by the French Navy Crusader with serial 8 on this picture. This jet was able to increase the angle of attack of its wing during take-off and landing to reduce the required runway length.

Photo Steve Williams

Saab 105OE              406/F                       1 Wing/ Austrian AF 
F-100D                  G-222/H                     Esk 727/ RDAF 
F-100F                  GT-976                      Esk 730/ RDAF 
F-104G                  R-340                       Esk723/726 / RDAF 
F-8E(FN)                10                          14F/ French Navy 
MS.760 Paris            33                          14F/ French Navy 
F-104G                  21+31                       MFG-2 
C-160                   50+61                       FFS-S 
Do-28D                  59+17                       MFG-5 
T-33A                   95+00                       WS-50 mks / WGAF 
F-27M                   C-10                        334 Sqn/ KLu 
Harvard T.2B            KF314                       A&AEE 
Hunter FGA9             XE643                       71MU (Nose only) 
Sea Fury FB.11          WH589/O-HB                  (G-AGHB) 
Spitfire                SM411/AU-Y 		    71MU
Wessex HC.2             XR517/AN                    72 Sqn 
C-118A                  33273/3                     7101 ABW 
C-121C                  54-0157                     192 TEWS/ Penn ANG 
F-4D                    65-0644/LN                  48 TFW/ USAF 
T-39A                   24462                       7101 ABW 
P-3C                    156518/LQ-1                 VP-56 
Citation                N10                         FAA 
ET-29C                  N95                         FAA, ex 52-1092

CH-53A                  5L-MA                       Austrian AF 
Mirage 5BD		BD-14			    8sm/Belgian AF
SF.260MB                ST-34, ST-35, ST-14(Spare)  Swallows/Belgian AF 
Br1150 Atlantic		61+10			    MFG3/German Navy
Dominie T.1             XS727/D                     6 FTS 
Puma HC.1               XW213/CK                    33 Sqn 
Swordfish               LS326/5A                    FAAHF 
Twin Pioneer		XT610			    ETPS
Wessex HU.5             XT461/XD-VL                 846 Sqn 
KC-97L                  22630                       145 ARS/ Ohio ANG 
Messenger               RG333/G-AIEK, RH378/G-AJOE 
Nord 1002               G-ATBG 			    ex 121 (French AF)
T-33A                   G-OAHB 			    ex 133261 (CAF)

Saab 105OE              409/I                       1 Wing/ Austrian AF 
Mirage VBA              BA-19                       1 Sml/ Belgian AF 
CF-104G                 RT-654                      Esk 726/ RDAF 
TF-104G                 RT-684                      Esk 726/ RDAF 
F-8E(FN)                8                           14F/ French Navy 
Etendard IVP            115                         16F/ French Navy 
F-104G                  21+21                       MFG-2/ WGN 
Atlantic                61+10                       MFG-3/ WGN 
F-104G                  D-8098                      322 Sqn/KLu
Gnat T.1                XS109/63                    4 FTS 
Gnat T.1                XP531, XR540, XR955, XR981  Red Arrows 
                        XR987, XR991, XR993, XS101  Red Arrows 
                        XS107, XS111                Red Arrows 
Harrier T.52            G-VTOL 
Hercules C.1            XV298                       LTW 
Hurricane II            LF363                       BBMF 
Jet Provost T.4         XP567/R                     6 FTS 
Jet Provost T.5         XW370/49, XW407/50          3FTS/Swords 
                        XW424/52, XW426/53          3FTS/Swords 
Lancaster               PA474/KM-B                  BBMF 
Liberator               HE807                (Ex Indian AF) (Flypast en route Rome-Lynehan 7th) 
Lightning F.3           XP696                       226 OCU 
Meteor T.7              WA669                       CFS/Vintage Pair 
Nimrod MR.1             XV230                       42 Sqn 
Phantom FG.1            XV581/E                     43 Sqn 
Puma HC.1               XW199/CY                    (7th) 
Sioux AH.1              XT134, XT193, XT206         AAC/Blue Eagles 
                        XT242, XW192                AAC/Blue Eagles 
Spitfire II             P7350/UO-T                  BBMF 
Vampire T.11            XH304                       CFS/Vintage Pair 
Vulcan B.2              XM597                       Waddington Wing 
Gazelle                 G-BAZL 
Pitts Special           G-AZPH 

Other Aircraft on field: 
Bulldog T.1             XX519/1, XX523/5            2 FTS/Blue Chips
Bulldog T.1             XX528/10		    2 FTS/Blue Chips
Devon C.2/2             VP956                       207 Sqn 
Jet Provost T.4         XR704/N                     6 FTS 
Jet Provost T.5         XW428/54                    Swords Spare a/c 
Lightning F.3           XR716                       226 OCU 
Phantom FG.1            XV571/A                     43 Sqn 
Scout AH.1              XP908                       D&T Flt/ AAC
Sioux AH.1              XT511                       Blue Eagles Spare a/c 
Wessex HC.2             XR517/AN                    72 Sqn 

Pleasure Flying: 
Dakota                  G-AGJV 			    ex 42-92399
Bell 47J                G-ASLR
Bell 47                 G-AYOE 
Bell 47J                G-AZYB 

Visitors (6th): 
Islander                EI-AYN 
DH82A                   G-ALND 			    ex N9191 (RAF)
J/5V Autocar            G-APUW 
Dove 6                  G-APZU 
Cessna 175C             G-ARWM 
Airedale                G-ASBH 
Cessna 172E             G-ASSS 
Cessna F172G            G-ATGO 
Cherokee 180            G-AVVY 
Cessna 337C             G-AWKE 
Rallye Club             G-AWKS 
Cessna FR172G           G-AYGO 
Pup 1                   G-AZCU 
Diplomate               G-AZIB 
Minerva                 G-AZIZ 
Cessna F150L            G-AZLK 
Cherokee Six 300B       G-BATM 
Navajo Chieftan 350     G-BBEJ 
Jet Ranger              G-BBET 
Hughes 269C             G-BBIW 
Traveler                G-BBLT 
Fuji FA200-180          G-BBRC 
Traveler                G-BCCJ

Visitors (7th): 
Hornet Moth             G-ADUR 
Tri-pacer               G-APZX, G-ARDP
Emeraude                G-ASCZ 
Cherokee 180            G-ATEM 
Super Baladou           G-ATZS 
Falke                   G-AXJR 
Rallye Club             G-AYYZ 
Aztec 250               G-AYZN
Robin DR400             G-BAPV
Seneca                  G-BASX 
Robin DR400             G-BBAY 
Aztec 250               G-BBMJ

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