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Lakenheath 1968

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Date: 11 May 1968

Made by:


0-17279       C-124C                 436MAW      	RHEIN  MAINE 
40637         C-141A                 438MAW      	MAGUIRE  N.J. 
41017         RF-4c                  10TRW 
O-60229       RF-101C                19TRS/66TRW 
0-52790       F-100D                 492TFS/48TFW 
0-48343       C-47D                  513T.A.W. 
0-61082       F-102A                 496F.I.S     	HAHN W.GERMANY 
60529         C-130A                 317T.A.W. 
24536         HH-43B                 67A.R.R.S    	DET.3  LAKENHEATH 
XM172         LIGHTNING F1A          226 O.C.U. 
XM647         VULCAN  B.2            WADDINGTON 
XS714 M       DOMINIE T.1            1 A.N.S.  		STRADISHALL 
40539         C-130E 
91566         HH-43B 
40873         F-4C                   81 T.F.W. 
              F-100D                 48T.F.W. 
              F-100D                 48T.F.W. 
              F-100D                 48T.F.W. 
              F-100D                 48T.F.W. 
              RF-101C                66T.R.W. 
              RF-101C                66T.R.W. 
              RF-101C                66T.R.W.. 
              RF-101C                66T.R.W 
XF509 73      HUNTER F.6             4F.T.S. VALLEY 
XM214         LIGHTING F.1.A         226O.C.U. 
XR535         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XR540         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XR986         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XR987         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XR991         GNAT                   RED ARROWS  
XR992         GNAT                   RED ARROWS
XR993         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XR995         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XS111         GNAT                   RED ARROWS 
XP580 34      JET PROVOST  T.4       "MACAWS"  C.A.W. MAMBY 
XR647 15      JET PROVOST  T.4       "MACAWS"  C.A.W. MAMBY
XR704         JET PROVOST  T.4       "MACAWS"  C.A.W. MAMBY
XS179         JET PROVOST  T.4       "MACAWS"  C.A.W. MAMBY
XS210         JET PROVOST  T.4       "MACAWS"  C.A.W. MAMBY

XR511 P       WESSEX                 18 SQN. 

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