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Marham 1991

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Date: 25 May 1991

Made by: Clive Wells

Updated: 2 January 2011

XX893		Buccaneer S.2B		208 SQN	Desert colours
XX280		Hawk T.1A		79 SQN	               
ZA547	JC	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN	               
ZD740	DA	Tornado GR.1	        9 SQN	"DHAHRAN ANNIE"
XH672		Victor K.2	        55 SQN	"MAID MARION"  
71-0894	LN	F-111F			48 TFW	                     
136231	        CH-136		        444 SQN	Canadian Armed Forces
136236	        CH-136		        444 SQN	                     
118	G-BSDS	PT-13D Stearman		Private	
985	G-ERIX	PT-13D Stearman		Private	

XX249		Hawk T.1		4 FTS, Special 70th Anniversary Markings
XX311		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS	
XW429		Jet Provost T.5B	6 FTS	
ZF245		Tucano T.1		7 FTS	
ZF264		Tucano T.1	        7 FTS	
N6965	G-AJTW	Tiger Moth			
ZA606		Tornado GR.1		45 SQN, Special 70th Anniversary Markings
70-2402	LN	F-111F			48 TFW		

55 Sqn Ramp:
XH671		Victor K.2		55 SQN	
XL164		Victor K.2		55 SQN
XL231		Victor K.2		55 SQN

Shelter Area:
ZA542	JA	Tornado GR.1		27 SQN 
ZA546	JB	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN 
ZA560	MC	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
ZA562	JT	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN 
ZA592	B	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
ZA601	JG	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN 
ZA609	J	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
ZA614	E	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN
XH675		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XL161		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XL162		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
XL188		Victor K.2	        55 SQN 
Flying only:
XX482	J	Jetstream T.1		6 FTS       
XV227		Nimrod MR.2P	        Kinloss Wing
XH558		Vulcan B.2	        VDF         
LF363	GN-A	Hurricane IIc	        BoBMF       
PA474	PM-M2	Lancaster B.1	        BoBMF       
PS853	C	Spitfire XIX	        BoBMF       
84-0079		B-1B		        28 BW       
59-2568		B-52G		        416 BW      

Gate guard:
XH673	8911M	Victor K.2		55/57 SQN

XL158		Victor K.2		Derelict
XL160		Victor K.2	        On Dump 
XL192		Victor K.2	        On Dump 
XL572		Victor K.2	        Derelict
XM381	8232M	Jet Provost T.1		

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