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Newton 1986

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Date: 21 September 1986

Made by: David Miller


WT694 / 7510M		Hunter F.1		Gate Guard	 
P7350	EB-Z		Spitfire IIa	        BoBMF	         
XF690 / G-BGKA		Provost T.1	        	         
XX623	M		Bulldog T.1		East Midlands UAS
XX687	A		Bulldog T.1		East Midlands UAS
XX694	E 		Bulldog T.1		East Midlands UAS
XX556			Bulldog T.1	        	         
ZA707	EV		Chinook HC.1	        7 Sq.	         
1425 / G-BEFR		Fokker DR.1 	        Replica		 
-+14/G-BJAX		Pilatus P.2-05		
XM470	M		Jet Provost T.3A	CFS	
XV258			Nimrod MR.2		Kinloss Wing
XX119	01	        Jaguar GR.1A	        226 OCU	    
XX832	S	        Jaguar T.2	        226 OCU	    
XX172		        Hawk T.1	        4 FTS	    
XX459	C	        Jetstream T.1	        6 FTS	    
ZA804	I	        Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS	    
2x	WR	        A10A  	        	510 TFS	    
XS451 / 8503M		Lightning T.5		used for weapon loading training.	
WP984			Chipmunk T.10		7 AEF	
			Chipmunk T.10		
G-MNDE			Medway Half Pint		

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