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Cottesmore 1989

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Date: 15 July 1989

Made by: Tony Lowther, Ian Glanville

Updated: 2 January 2011

ZD349/H            HARRIER GR.5        	233 OCU
ZD322/A            HARRIER GR.5         233 OCU
ZD324/B            Harrier GR.5         233 OCU		Flying
ZD328/I            Harrier GR.5         233 OCU		Flying
ZD329/F            Harrier GR.5         233 OCU		Flying
ZD330/J            Harrier GR.5         233 OCU		Flying
ZA355/B-54         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA353/B-53    	   TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA321/B-09         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA360/B-56         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA323/B-14         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA319/B-11         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA356/B-07         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA353/B-04         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA361/B-57         TORNADO GR.1         TTTE   
ZA404/W            TORNADO GR.1A    	2 SQN
ZD810/CG      	   TORNADO GR.1    	17 SQN
ZE294/AQ           TORNADO F.3    	229 OCU
XV470/CX           PHANTOM FGR.2    	228 OCU
XS709/M        	   DOMINIE T.1        	6 FTS
ZA673/FF           CHINOOK HC.1    	240 OCU
ZF167/167          TUCANO T.1        	7 FTS
XX245/245          HAWK T.1        	4 FTS
680011/UH          F-111E               20 TFW
188757             CF-188A            	1 CAD
43+08/G-27         TORNADO IDS    	TTTE  
43+16/G-32         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+20/G-73         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+13/G-71         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+15/G-31         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+01/G-20         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+10/G-29         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+12/G-70         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+14/G-72         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+06/G-25         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+25/G-75         TORNADO IDS          TTTE  
43+37              TORNADO IDS          JBG-38
MM54408/60-108     G-91T        	61 BA
MM6356/60-56       G-91T        	61 BA
MM6631/3-47        F-104G        	3 STORMO
MM6535/3-40        F-104G        	3 STORMO
MM25155/303-22     P.166 DL3    	303 GRUPPO
J-232 +1       	   F-16A            	323 Sqn

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