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Yeovilton 1968

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Date: 7 September 1968

Made by: Alan Macey


HS608 		Swordfish  
KD431           Corsair    
AL246           Martlet    
SX137           Seafire    
WJ231           Sea Fury   
WA473           Attacker   
VR137           Wyvern     
LZ551           Sea Vampire
WN493           Dragonfly  
L2301           Walrus     
WB271           Firefly    
XB446           Avenger    

XF297/781BY	Hunter
WV380/794BY	Hunter
WW659/793BY	Hunter
WV374/795BY	Hunter
WV267		Hunter
WT711/783BY	Hunter
XF357/779BY	Hunter
WW661/728VL	Hunter
XT453/K		Wessex		845sq
XT467/G		Wessex		845sq
XT455/M		Wessex		845sq
XS523/S		Wessex		845sq
XS520/Q		Wessex		845sq
XS512/W		Wessex		845sq
XK488		Buccaneer
XV326		Buccaneer
XV340/321	Buccaneer
XV344/325	Buccaneer
XV339		Buccaneer
XT279/322	Buccaneer
XT280/323	Buccaneer
XT281/324	Buccaneer
XJ503??		Sea Vixen	serial out of batch!
XJ507??		Sea Vixen	serial out of batch!
XJ514		Sea Vixen
XJ556		Sea Vixen
XJ557		Sea Vixen
XJ521		Sea Vixen
XJ560		Sea Vixen
XJ563		Sea Vixen
XJ567??		Sea Vixen	aircraft given w/o '62!
XJ570		Sea Vixen
XJ580		Sea Vixen
XJ582		Sea Vixen
XJ574		Sea Vixen
XJ607		Sea Vixen
XN647		Sea Vixen
XN650		Sea Vixen
XN651		Sea Vixen
XN654		Sea Vixen
XN658		Sea Vixen
XN685		Sea Vixen
XN687		Sea Vixen
XN697		Sea Vixen
XN699		Sea Vixen
XN700		Sea Vixen
XN707		Sea Vixen
XN708??		Sea Vixen	aircraft given w/o '64!
XP919		Sea Vixen
XP921		Sea Vixen
XP957		Sea Vixen
XS582		Sea Vixen
WW187		Sea Venom	FRU
WW138		Sea Venom	FRU
WW200		Sea Venom	FRU
WW207		Sea Venom	FRU
XG737		Sea Venom	FRU
XG701		Sea Venom	FRU
WM571		Sea Venom	FRU
WM573		Sea Venom	FRU
XA129		Sea Vampire
XA165		Sea Vampire
XT859/725	Phantom FG.1
XT860		Phantom FG.1
XT861/727	Phantom FG.1
XT862/722	Phantom FG.1
XT863/723	Phantom FG.1
XT864/724	Phantom FG.1
XT865		Phantom FG.1
XT866		Phantom FG.1
XT867		Phantom FG.1
XT868		Phantom FG.1
XL714 		Tiger Moth
WK608/906	Chipmunk T.10
XM647 		Vulcan B.2
XP532/32	Gnat T.1
XV211 		Hercules C.1
XP683 		Jet Provost T.3
XL502/764BY	Gannet AEW.3
XV371 		Sea King HAS.1
XM838/520PO	Wessex HAS.3
XT433/460	Wasp HAS.1
31    		Bretagne	Aeronavale
19		F-8E  		12F
33		F-8E  		12F
40		F-8E  		12F
41		F-8E  		12F
158		S-2F		R.Ne.N.
159		S-2F		R.Ne.N.
147		S-2F		R.Ne.N.
161		S-2F		R.Ne.N.
167		S-2F		R.Ne.N.
168		S-2F		R.Ne.N.

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