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Waddington 1961

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Date: 16 September 1961

Made by:


54-0521A	RB-66B-1DT		10th TRW
-		Bloodhound		151 Squadron		Dunholme Lodge
WD384/O	        Chipmunk T.10		
WF335/B	        Varsity T.1		CNCS
WF787		Meteor T.7		Colt SF	"Athene"
WW596/N	        Hunter FR.10		2 Sqdn
WZ378	        Valiant B.1		7 Sqdn		        
XH477	        Vulcan B.1A	        44 Sqdn		        
XH615	        Victor B.1	        15 Sqdn		        
XH834/Z	        Javelin FAW.9	        29 Sqdn
XJ641/Z	        Canberra B.2	        231 OCU
XJ775/69        Vampire T.11	        8 FTS
XJ823	        Vulcan B.2	        27 Sqdn		        
XM137/F	        Lightning F.1	        AFDS
43-48255A	C-47A-30-DL		20th TFW
56-0025		F-101C-50-MC		60025		red fin white stars
56-0977	        F-102A			32nd FIS
56-3288	        F-100D-90-NA		48th TFW

XA909		Vulcan B.1		101 Sqdn	scramble  
XA912	        Vulcan B.1A	        101 Sqdn	scramble
XH475	        Vulcan B.1	        101 Sqdn	scramble
XH481	        Vulcan B.1A	        101 Sqdn	scramble
49-0376	        KB-50J		        		refuelling demo         
54-1446	        F-101A		                	refuelling demo 
BB-502	        B-66B		        	        refuelling demo 
-	        F-100D		        	        refuelling demo 
LF363	        Hurricane			                  
PM631	        Spitfire			                  
XH648	        Victor B.1		15 Sqdn		                  
XM176/D	        Lightning F.1A		56 Sqdn
TX230	        Anson			                          
-    /44	Vampire			RAFC		                          
-    /66        Vampire		        RAFC	                  
-    /69        Vampire		        RAFC	                  
XM408/38	Jet Provost T.3		2 FTS		3 aircraft flypast        
XM409/39	Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	                          
XM410/41	Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	                          
XE608/G		Hunter F.6	        DFCS	                          
WH840	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU		4 aircraft flypast        
WH849	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU		                          
WH884	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU		                          
WT478	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU		                          
XH713/B	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		9 aircraft landed         
XH755/Y	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH756/Z	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH757/F	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH758		Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn	                          
XH794/X	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH897/W	        Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH903		Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn	                          
XH904/T		Javelin FAW.9	        33 Sqdn		                          
XH497	        Vulcan B.1	        50 Sqdn		                          
XH482	        Vulcan B.1	        50 sqdn		landed from other displays
XH498	        Vulcan B.1	        50 sqdn		landed from other displays
XH499	        Vulcan B.1	        50 sqdn		landed from other displays
4x		F-100			48th TFW	4 aircraft flypast		
XL929		Pembroke C.1				landed with AOC Bomber Command
8x		Hunter			1 & 54 Sqdn	8 a/c flypast
XM416		Jet Provost T.3		50 Sqdn		landed            
WR966/O	        Shackleton MR.2		204 Sqdn	flypast   
WF427/H	        Varsity T.1		RAFFC		3 aircraft flypast
WL671/D	        Varsity T.1		RAFFC
WL680/MA	Varsity T.1		RAFFC
-	        F-101					2 aircraft flypast        
-	        F-101			                          
RF398	        Lincoln B.2		CSE		3 aircraft flypast
RF461	        Lincoln B.2		CSE		                  
WD132/C	        Lincoln B.2		CSE
XH562	        Vulcan B.2		230 OCU		                  
WW598	        Hunter			RAE Bedford	Aerobatics        
XN820	        Argosy C.1		A&AEE		                  
WK518/C	        Chipmunk T.10		Hull UAS
XL823	        Sycamore		CFE		                  
XF874/L	        Provost T.1		RAFFC

Hangar 2:
D7000		Se.5A			
XH503		Vulcan B.1		44 Sqdn		

Hangar 5:
WK296		Swift FR.5		79 Sqdn		rear fuselage only
WK624		Chipmunk T.10			

Joy flights:
G-AJVT		Auster 5			
G-AKWS		Auster 5			
G-AMSZ		Auster 5			
VL306		Anson	 		Waddington SF		
VP959	        Devon C.1			
VP975	        Devon C.1			
WE118	        Canberra T.4			
WZ371	        Valiant	232 OCU		  
XA900	        Vulcan B.1			
XD434/25	Vampire T.11	
XG192/F	        Hunter F.6		DFCS
XH476	        Vulcan B.1			
XH480	        Vulcan B.1			
XH500	        Vulcan B.1                


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