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Shawbury 1993

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Date: 29 July 1993

Made by: Phil Jones


XR521/WD             WESSEX HC2          2FTS 
XW906/J              GAZELLE HT3         2FTS 
WP839/A              CHIPMUNK T10        8AEF 
ZF489                TUCANO T1           STORED 
XF301/VL834          HUNTER GA11         STORED 
XM424                JET PROVOST T3A     STORED 
XW199                PUMA HC1            33SQN 

Elsewhere on airfield: 
XT606/WL             WESSEX HC2          2FTS 
XS677/WK             WESSEX HC2          2FTS 
XS679/WG             WESSEX HC2          2FTS 

XX441/CU538          GAZELLE HT2         705SQN 
XW864/CU554          GAZELLE HT2         705SQN 
XR516/WB             WESSEX HC2          2FTS         TAC DEMO 
XS676/WJ             WESSEX HC2          2FTS         TAC DEMO 
ZF340                TUCANO T1           3FTS 
ZF512                TUCANO T1           3FTS 
WB739/8              CHIPMUNK T10        8AEF         Formation flyby 
WP929/F              CHIPMUNK T10        8AEF         Formation flyby 
XX220/PD             HAWK T1A            4FTS,CFS 
XX226                HAWK T1             4FTS,CFS 
ZD431/02             HARRIER GR7         1SQN 
ZD462/07             HARRIER GR7         1SQN 
XW846                GAZELLE AH1         670SQN 
XX408                GAZELLE AH1         670SQN 
XZ344                GAZELLE AH1         670SQN 
XZ329                GAZELLE AH1         670SQN 
XZ675/E              LYNX AH7            671SQN 
WM167/G-LOSM         METEOR NF11         PRIVATE 
RR299'HT-E'/G-ASKH   MOSQUITO T3         Bae 

68-0025              F111E               79FS/20TFW 
WH734                CANBERRA TT18       DRA,Llanbedr. 

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