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Prestwick 1969

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Date: 27 September 1969

Made by: John Tolland


Andover C Mk.1          XS609  			46 Sdn. 
Argosy C Mk.1           XN854 
Argosy C Mk.1           XR135 
Chipmunk T Mk.10        WG431  			B/GSUAS. 
Dominie T Mk.1          XS731  			J/1 ANS. 
Hunter F Mk.6	      XF527/70  			4 FTS
				XG274/71  			4 FTS. 
Lightning F Mk.6        XR757  			V/11 Sdn. 
Pup                     N5180  			Ex G-EBKY. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2        XT284 LM/656  		736 Sdn. 
Whirlwind HAR Mk.21     WV198 
CF-104G                 104880  			CAF. 
T-33A-N                 21588  			CAF. 

Flying display 
Gnat T Mk.1         	XR540  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR986  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR987  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR991  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR992  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR993  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR994 			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR995  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XR996  			CFS, The Red Arrows
				XS111  			CFS, The Red Arrows. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV298 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV304 
Hurricane 2C            LF363  			LE-D/BoB Flight. 
Jet Provost T Mk.4      XS177  			43/3 FTS. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV583  			43 Sdn. 
Spitfire LF Mk.5B       AB910  			SO-T/BoB Flight. 
Beaver AL Mk.1          XP775  			15 RCT. 
Sioux AH Mk.1           XT134  			AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT193  			AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT206  			AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT498 			AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XW192  			AAC, The Blue Eagles. 
G.91PAN                 MM6264/1  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6244/2  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6254/3  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6252/4  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6248/5 			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6240/6  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6238/8 			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6243/9 			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
                        MM6250/11 			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6242/12 			AMI, Frecce Tricolori
				MM6249/16  			AMI, Frecce Tricolori. 

Other aircraft on field 
Basset CC Mk.1          XS778  			207 Sdn. 
Beaver AL Mk.1          XV272 
Sioux AH Mk.1           XT143  			AAC, Blue Eagles spare aircraft. 
C-45H                   1533  			CAF. 
C-47B                   14654  			FAF. 
N.2501F                 19  				FAF. 
C-119G                  MM52-6019  			46-21/46 Gruppo. 
C-119J                  MM51-8040  			46-54/46 Gruppo. 

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