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Kemble 2000

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Date: 27 August 2000

Made by: Nick Blacow, Damien Burke


G-PSST    		Hunter F58		departed 11.00 am
434602    N167B    	A-26 Invader    	Scandinavian Historic Flight
473877    N167F    	P-51D    		Scandinavian Historic Flight
"34066"   SE-DXA    	Hunter F.58    		Scandinavian Historic Flight (ex J-4089)
"28693"   SE-DXY    	Vampire FB.6    	Scandinavian Historic Flight (ex J-1184)
"NZ6361"  G-BXFP    	Strikemaster Mk87    	Bob Thompson
XW986    		Buccaneer S.2B    	Delta Jets
VP-FBL    		Twin Otter    		British Antarctic Survey
"292912"  N47FK    	C-47    		Dakota Club
XN459     G-BWOT    	Jet Provost T.3A    	Tom Moloney
"XJ615"   G-BWGL    	Hunter T.7    		OFMC (ex XF357)
XW433     G-JPRO    	Jet Provost T.5    	Brian wells
WV372     G-BXFI    	Hunter T.7
WV318     G-FFOX    	Hunter T.7

Delta Jets:
XP502                	Gnat T.1
G-RORI                	Gnat T.1
XX894                	Buccaneer S.2B
XL591                	Hunter T.7
XL565                	Hunter T.7
XL577     G-BXKF    	Hunter T.7
XL578 			Hunter T.7		In bits behind hangar
XX467 			Hunter T.1		In bits behind hangar

Devon Air Hangar:
N36SF    		Sea Fury
G-BHZF    		Bulldog
G-APSO 			Dove
VP955     G-DVON    	Devon        		In bits
XA880     G-BVXR    	Devon        		outside
XK895     G-SDEV    	Sea Devon    		outside
WB565     G-PVET    	Chipmunk T.10
8409M        		Jet Provost T.4    	really XS209

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