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Little Rissington 1967

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Date: 1 October 1967

Made by: John Dyer


WB650/09 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS       
WD299/06 	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS       
XR991 		Gnat T1 	        Red Arrows
XN548/67 	Jet Provost T3 	        CFS       
XN640/74 	Jet Provost T3 	        CFS       
XT247/L 	Sioux AH1 	        CFS       
WF411/18 	Varsity T1 	        CFS       
WJ886/23 	Varsity T1 	        CFS       
XR485/W-Q 	Whirlwind HAR10         CFS       
XS609 		Andover C1 		46Sqdn
XS639 		Andover C1 		46Sqdn
TX183 		Anson C19 		A&AEE
XR141 		Argosy C1 		267Sqdn
WB550/08 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS
WP924/07 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS
WZ877/05 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS
WB562/10 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarks
WK628/13 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarks
WP924/07 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarks
WZ877/05 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarks
XS730/H 	Dominie T1 		1ANS
XR534/93 	Gnat T1 		CFS
XR540		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR986		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR994		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR995		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS111 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XP675/48 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS/Blackjacks
XR678/55 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS/Blackjacks
XS175/44 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XS213/46 	Jet Provost T4 		Red Pelicans
XS217/50 	Jet Provost T4 		Red Pelicans
XS225/47 	Jet Provost T4 		Red Pelicans
XS226/42 	Jet Provost T4 		Red Pelicans
XS229/49 	Jet Provost T4 		Red Pelicans
WH166/27 	Meteor T7 		CFS
WW397 		Provost T1 		CATCS
XT206/N 	Sioux AH1 		CFS/Tomahawks
XT212/T 	Sioux AH1 		CFS/Tomahawks
XT814/A 	Sioux AH1 		CFS/Tomahawks
WL671/20 	Varsity T1 		CFS
XR810 		VC10 			10Sqdn
XP341/W-E 	Whirlwind HAR10 	CFS
Hangar 1:
WK521/12 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS
XR987 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XM358/70 	Jet Provost T3 		CFS
XM360/71 	Jet Provost T3 		CFS
XN573/62 	Jet Provost T3 		CFS
XP679/45 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XS212/40 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XK624/32 	Vampire T11 		CFS
Hangar 2:
XM364/68 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XM386/69 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XM424/72 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XM425/75 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XN472/78 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XN511/64 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XN549/66 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XN554/60 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
XN576/79 	Jet Provost T3		CFS
Hangar 4:
WG348/11 	Chipmunk T10 		CFS
WJ945/21 	Varsity T1 		CFS
Hangar 5:
XM706/94 	Gnat T1 		CFS
XM473/61 	Jet Provost T3 		CFS
XS226/42 	Jet Provost T4 		CFS/Red Pelicans
XM709/92 	Gnat T1 		CFS
XR992 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows reserve aircraft
Gate guard:
FS890 		Harvard

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