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Coningsby 1979

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Date: 21 July 1979

Made by:


KF183   	Harvard T.2B         	A & A E E
WK630/11        Chipmunk T.10           BoB Memorial Flight
104805          CF-104G Starfighter
XV486           Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV787/02        Harrier GR.3            1 Squadron
54-2447         Piper L-21 Grasshopper  [G-SCUB]
XH671           Victor K.2              57 Squadron
XX230/129       Hawk T.1                63 Squadron/1 TWU
XL360           Vulcan B.2              35 Squadron
XX766/14        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XX754/23        Jaguar GR./1            226 OCU
XP749/A         Lightning F.3           LTF
XR724           Lightning F.6           5/11 Squadrons
PS853           Spitfire PR.XIX         BoB Memorial Flight
PM631/AD-C      Spitfire PR.XIX         BoB Memorial Flight
LF363/GN-P      Hurricane IIC           BoB Memorial Flight
G-BCOW/253      Sea Fury TT.20
XV438/Y         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV488/R         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT898/T         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV399/P         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XX261/139       Hawk T.1                1 TWU
PA474/KM-B      Lancaster B.1           BoB Memorial Flight
XV292           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV206           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV294           Hercules C.1            LTW
XS101/1         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR993/2         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR540/4         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR991/5         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP536/8         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR995/9         Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS107           Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
228 OCU Hangar:
XT874/E         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XV575/G         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XT906/S         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT897/C         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT914/N         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT912/L         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV492/U         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT911/J         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT894/B         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV436/E         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
WP855           Chipmuynk T.10          BoB Memorial Flight
XV436/E         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron   
Servicing hangar:
PZ865/JU-Q      Hurricane IIc           BoB Memorial Flight  
WP840/9         Chipmunk T.10           2 AEF
XV400/I         Phantom FGR.2         	29 Squadron
XV489/A         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV484/G         Phantom FGR.2           19 Squadron
XV396/K         Phantom FGR.2           19 Squadron
XV407/H         Phantom FGR.2           19 Squadron
XT809/T         Phantom FGR.2           23 Squadron 
XV485/X         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT900/E         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT902/F         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV413/Z         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
BoB Hangar:
XV583/B         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
29sq hangar:
XV473/L         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV415/V         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT595           Phantom FG.1
WR872/W         Canberra T.17           360 Squadron
XV442/F         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV461/H         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV433/X         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV425/R         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV419/J         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XV393/A         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XT903/G         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV398/K         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV394/O         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV421/P         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU 
XT907/T         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU
XV478           Phantom FGR.2
XT867/H         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XV592/L         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XV584/F         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XT857/C         Phantom FG.1            111 Squadron
XN728/V         Lightning F.2A          92 Squadron 8546M
XN774/F         Lightning F.2A          92 Squadron 8551M
XM987           Lightning T.4

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