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Middle Wallop 1977

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Date: 6 August 1977

Made by: Alan Macey, Ian Dennis Old

Updated: 1 August 2002

Static 1:
"LB312"       		Auster
67-17266     		UH-1H
70-15225     		OH-58A
68-15172     		AH-1S
XT108/U        		Sioux AH.1    	ARWF
XT636/C        		Scout AH.1      
XW865        		Gazelle AH.1
XP772         		Beaver AL.1
WZ882/K        		Chipmunk T.10   IFWF
TAD625       		Scout AH.1
XT140          		Sioux AH.1

Static 2:
8295            	Bo105M
8296            	Bo105M
7295            	UH-1D           HFS-10
7278            	UH-1D           HFS-10
136225       		CH-136
XR386        		Alouette II
XP242        		Auster AOP.9
8480           		CH-53G
8471           		CH-53G
XZ173        		Lynx AH.1       Lynx IFTU
XT624        		Scout AH.1
XZ133/A        		Harrier GR.3    1 Sq

Static hangar:
TAD02        		Gazelle AH.1
XP909        		Scout AH.1
XW848       		Gazelle AH.1
XT550        		Sioux AH.1
XR493        		Scout AH.1

Hangar 2 - REME:
XX378       		Gazelle AH.1    2 Flt
XV131       		Scout AH.1      653 Sq
XT632,XP853,XW615       Scout AH.1
XT201,XT232             Sioux AH.1

Hangar 4:
XZ324,XX381,XZ299/M	Gazelle AH.1	ARWF
XW843,XX457/H,XW869/A	Gazelle AH.1	ARWF
XW903/E,XW851,XW847    	Gazelle AH.1	ARWF
XR232     		Alouette II
XP908     		Scout AH.1

Hangar 5:
XW280,XP900/C    	Scout AH.1
WB565/X,WP925/C,WB693/S	Chipmunk T.10   IFWF
WG323/F   		Chipmunk T.10   IFWF

Far Side:
XZ316/R,XX444/K   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XZ319/S,XZ315/P   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XZ290/J,XZ308/L   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XZ320/T,XZ313/N   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XZ314/O,XX452/G   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XZ317/Q,XW911/I   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XW889/D,XW888/C   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XW885/B,XX450/F   	Gazelle AH.1   	ARWF
XX370,XX375,XX379	Gazelle AH.1
XX393,XZ302   		Gazelle AH.1
XT145,XT153,XT131/B	Sioux AH.1   	ARWF
XT200/F  		Sioux AH.1   	ARWF
XR378,XP966,XR379	Alouette II
XP967, XR376		Alouette II
136229,136230   	CH-136
XP890/G,XW613,XP884/F	Scout AH.1
XW284/A,XR600/B		Scout AH.1
XP899/D,XT634,XP857/E	Scout AH.1
XP825,XP778,XP819   	Beaver AL.1
WP972/A,WP983/B		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WB615/E,WG321/G		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WB754/H,WP930/J		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WG432/L,WD325/N		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WK613/P,WP772/Q		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WB647/R,WK620/T		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
WP964 (camo)		Chipmunk T.10	IFWF
XR244   		Auster AOP.9

Gate Guards:
XL769   		Skeeter AOP.12
XG502  			Sycamore HR.14
WZ670  			Auster AOP.9

Unknown location:
XW223/DG		Puma HC.1	230sq
XW226/DK		Puma HC.1	230sq
XW228/DP		Puma HC.1	230sq
XW235/DM		Puma HC.1	230sq

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