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Finningley 1978

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Date: 2 September 1978

Made by: Tony Lowther, Ian Old

Updated: 5 November 2004

XX619     B           Bulldog T.1		Yorkshire UAS  
XT270                 Buccaneer S.2A	        208 Sqn        
XS727     D           Dominie T.1	        6 FTS          
XP532     32          Gnat T.1		        4 FTS          
XX218     122         Hawk T.1		        TWU            
XX223     223         Hawk T.1		        4 FTS          
XJ634     29          Hunter F.6A	        TWU            
XL621     81          Hunter T.7	        4 FTS          
XX492     70          Jetstream T.1	        METS/3 FTS     
XW352     R           Jet Provost T.5B	        6 FTS          
XW287     P           Jet Provost T.5B	        6 FTS          
XW307     S           Jet Provost T.5B	        6 FTS          
XW309     V           Jet Provost T.5B	        6 FTS          
XR752                 Lightning F.6	        11 Sqn         
XV263     63          Nimrod MR.1	        Kinloss MR Wing
XT907     Y           Phantom FGR.2	        64 Sqn/228 OCU 
WL747     47          Shackleton AEW.2	        8 Sqn          
XZ595                 Seaking HAR.3	        202 Sqn        
XL427                 Vulcan B.2	        9 Sqn          
XH673                 Victor K.2	        57 Sqn         
69244                 F-5B		        RNoAF          
66-7711   WR          F-4D	                81 TFW         
66-7759   WR          F-4D	                81 TFW         
75-0068   BT          F-15A	                36 TFW         
14637                 OV-10A	                20 TASS        
10364                 HH-53C	                67 ARRS        

XW862     D           Gazelle HT.3		CFS         
XV305                 Hercules C.1	        LTW         
XM609                 Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqn      
XM651                 Vulcan B.2	        50 Sqn      
XX750     22          Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU     
XX758     18          Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU     
XV576     D           Phantom FG.1	        43 Sqn      
XV572     N           Phantom FG.1	        43 Sqn      
XL512                 Victor K.2	        57 Sqn      
XR754     A           Lightning F.6	        11 Sqn      
XS901     G           Lightning F.6	        11 Sqn      
XV183                 Hercules C.1	        LTW         
WL793     93          Shackleton AEW.2	        8 Sqn       
XV245     45          Nimrod MR.1	        120 Sqn     
WF791                 Meteor T7		        Vintage Pair
XH304                 Vampire T.11	        Vintage Pair
XH174                 Canberra PR.9	        39 Sqn      
XW404     77          Jet Provost T.5A	        1 FTS       
XW428     70          Jet Provost T.5A	        1 FTS       
XT273                 Buccaneer S.2A	        237 OCU     
XV762     G           Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU     
XV753     C           Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU     
XP694     R           Lightning F.3	        5 Sqn       
XP514                 Gnat T.1		        Red Arrows  
XP535                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR540                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR572                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR977                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR987                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR991                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XR993                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XS101                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
XS107                 Gnat T.1	                Red Arrows  
76-0125   BT          F-15B		        525 TFS      
D-8091                F-104G	                Klu         
K-3043                NF-5A	                316 Sqn     
70-2382   LN          F-111F	                48 TFW      
70-2419   LN          F-111F	        	48 TFW              
72-0442   LN          F-111F	                48 TFW  
2406                  T-37C		        Asas de Portugal	
2414                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2415                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2423                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2426                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2429                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2407                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
2428                  T-37C	                Asas de Portugal    
529       VB          Magister	                Patrouille de France
533       VI          Magister	                Patrouille de France
535       VO          Magister	                Patrouille de France
541       VG          Magister	                Patrouille de France
544       VJ          Magister	                Patrouille de France
545       VK          Magister	                Patrouille de France
546       VL          Magister	                Patrouille de France
561       VM          Magister	                Patrouille de France
563       VF          Magister	                Patrouille de France
564       VO          Magister	                Patrouille de France
565       VP          Magister	                Patrouille de France
94        312-BE      Noratlas	                GE/312              

Search & Rescue Hangar:
XR588                 Wessex HAR.2		22 Sqn 
XZ594                 Seaking HAR.3	        202 Sqn
XZ597                 Seaking HAR.3	        202 Sqn
XJ729                 Whirlwind HAR.10	        202 Sqn
XP299                 Whirlwind HAR.10	        202 Sqn
XP350                 Whirlwind HAR.10	        202 Sqn
XP361                 Whirlwind HAR.10	        202 Sqn
XP403                 Whirlwind HAR.10	        202 Sqn
XW324     U           Jet Provost T.5B	        6 FTS  
XS732     B           Dominie T.1	     	6 FTS

Other Aircraft Noted:
XX622     E           Bulldog T.1		Yorkshire UAS
XX624     G           Bulldog T.1	        Yorkshire UAS
XX690     A           Bulldog T.1	        Yorkshire UAS
XX551     05          Bulldog T.1	        London UAS   
XV197                 Hercules C.1	        LTW          
WB534                 Devon C.2		        207 Sqn      
XX507                 HS.125 600	        32 Sqn       
XP328                 Whirlwind HC.10	        32 Sqn       

Over flying:
67953                 C-141			438 MAW
40645                 C-141	        	60 MAW 

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