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Gaydon 1961

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Date: 16 September 1961

Made by:


WJ897/L            VARSITY T1           1AES 
XE927/64           VAMPIRE T11          8FTS 
WH903              CANBERRA T11         TFU 
XF449/S            HUNTER F6            19SQ 
XA632/A            JAVELIN FAW4         11SQ 
WZ381              VALIANT B1           232OCU 
XA925              VICTOR B1            232OCU 
XH483              VULCAN B1A           50SQ 
40505              B-66B                86BW 
0-76207            C-47A                48FW 
62963              F-100D               20TFW 
60003              F-101C               81TFW 

E3404              AVRO 504K 
N5180              SOPWITH PUP 
TE392              SPITFIRE F16 
TX155              ANSON C19            STN.FLT 
XE982              VAMPIRE T11          71MU 
WZ368              VALIANT B1           232OCU 

XM163/H            LIGHTNING F1         AFDS 
WF390/K            VARSITY T1 
WF409/C            VARSITY T1 
WF414/L            VARSITY T1 
1x                 COMET C2             216SQ. 
2x                 F-101C               81TFW 
XH768              JAVELIN FAW          25SQ. 
XH769              JAVELIN FAW          25SQ. 
XH880              JAVELIN FAW          25SQ. 
XH884              JAVELIN FAW          25SQ. 
XH906              JAVELIN FAW          25SQ. 
1x                 KB-50J               USAF 
1x                 B-66                 USAF 
1x                 F-100                USAF 
1x                 F-101                USAF 
XG172/B            HUNTER F6            19SQ. 
4x                 F-100                USAF 
XM359/R-D          JET PROVOST T3       CFS 
1x                 BUCCANEER S1         white 
XD322 +7           SCIMITAR F1          800SQ. 
PZ865              HURRICANE 2C         BOB FLT 
AB910              SPITFIRE 5B          BOB FLT 
XM560              SKEETER AOP12        AAC 
G-ALGT             SPITFIRE 14          ROLLS-ROYCE 

XK907              WHIRLWIND HAS7       ALVIS 
WP207              VALIANT B1           232OCU 
WP220              VALIANT B1           232OCU 
XA931              VICTOR B1            232OCU 
XA935              VICTOR B1            232OCU 
XM105/P            BEVERLEY C1          53SQ. 

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