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Coningsby 2000

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Date: 28 July 2000

Made by: Scramble, Vernon Ives, Rick Sleight


ZH870/870		Hercules C4		LTW
ZE209/AX		Tornado F3		56(R)sq

ZD375/23, ZG859/91	Harrier GR7		20(R)sq
XV300/300		Hercules C1		LTW
ZH800/VL-716		Sea Harrier F/A2	899sq
ZA455/TH		Tornado GR1B		15(R)sq
ZE339/AV		Tornado F3		56(R)sq, spec c/s
ZF203/203, ZF207/207	Tucano T1		1FTS

AMF Hangar:
ZE290/AG, ZE340/AE	Tornado F3		56(R)sq
ZE341, ZE735		Tornado F3		nmk
ZE934			Tornado F3 		nmk
ZH552/AB		Tornado F3		56(R)sq

F3 OEU/AMF Hangar:
ZA254			Tornado F2		i/a
ZE257, ZE785		Tornado F3		F3 OEU
ZG778/BG		Tornado F3 		F3 OEU
ZG796/AS		Tornado F3		AMF, 56(R)sq mks

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