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Exeter 1977

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Date: 2 July 1977

Made by: Paul Carr


Vulcan B.2           XM575 
BN-2A                G-AXXJ,G-BADK                     Brymon 
Ce F.177RG           G-AZKH 
Ce 421B              G-BBUJ 
Tiger Moth           G-ALBD 
Devon C.2            VP962 
Vampire T.11         XH304 
Dakota               G-AMCA,G-ANAF 
DC-9-14              EC-CGZ                            Spantax 
Swordfish II         LS326/5A 
F.28-1000            PH-MAT                            Martinair 
Meteor T.7           WF791 
AA-5                 G-BCPM 
Herald               G-APWF,G-APWG,G-AVPN,G-AYMG       BIA 
Gnat T.1             XP514,XP535,XR540,XR572,XR955,    Red Arrows 
                     XR977,XR987,XR991,XS101,XS107     Red Arrows 
Hercules C.1         XV197 
Phantom FG.1         XV573/L 
PA-22-125            G-APXU 
PA-23-250            G-AYTC,G-BALU                     Baylee 
PA-28-140            G-AXIR 
PA-28-180            G-BBBN 
PA-28R-200           G-AZNL,G-BDXW 
PA-31-350            PH-BAA 
Pitts S-2A           G-BCXD,G-BECM 
Jaguar GR.1 replica  'XX824'/BAPC-151 
Stampe SV-4          G-OODE 
Spitfire PR.19       PS853 
Wallis WA.116        G-ARZB 
Wassmer Wa41         G-AVHJ 
Whirlwind HAS.7      XM660 
Gazelle AH.1         XW847 

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