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Upper Heyford 1990(1)

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Upper Heyford Open Day

Date: 6 may 1990

FA118 F-16A 2sm  
BD10 Mirage 5BD 42sm  
40+65 Alpha Jet A JBG49  
XT131 Sioux AH1 AACHF  
XL814 Skeeter AOP12 AACHF  
XR244 Auster AOP9 AACHF  
58-0176 B-52G 416th BW  
XP820 Beaver AL1 AACHF  
1164 C-45H private  
WJ607/EB Canberra T17 360sq  
ZA714/EX Chinook HC1 7sq  
80-0235/WR A-10A 78th TFS  
81-0941/WR A-10A 78th TFS  
85-0009 C-5B 436th AMW  
84-0473 C-23A 10th MAS  
73-1594/SB EC-130H 43rd ECS  
66-0037/UH EF-111A 42nd ECS  
67-00../UH EF-111A 42nd ECS  
67-0042/UH EF-111A 42nd ECS  
63-7449/LD F-4C BDRT  
69-7209/SP F-4G 52nd TFW  
69-0285/SP F-4G 52nd TFW  
84-0003/BT F-15C 36th TFW  
84-0043/BT F-15C 36th TFW  
86-0229/SP F-16C 52nd TFW  
87-0281/SP F-16C 52nd TFW  
54-2212 F-100D pres  
67-0119/UH F-111E 55th TFS  
67-0123/UH F-111E 55th TFS  
68-0016/UH F-111E 79th TFS  
68-0020/UH F-111E 79th TFS  
68-0030/UH F-111E 79th TFS  
68-0055/UH "55thTFS" F-111E 55th TFS  
68-0064/UH F-111E 55th TFS  
84-0164 C-12F 58th MAS  
WB271 Firefly AS5 FAAHF  
XW903 Gazelle AH1 AACHF  
XZ671 Gazelle AH1 670sq  
XX169/169 Hawk T1 4 FTS  
XX227 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX253 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX260 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX266 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX294 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX306 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX307 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX475/CU-572 Jetstream T2 750sq  
XW359/62 Jet Provost T5A 1FTS  
XZ171/K Lynx AH7 671sq  
ZF560/601 Lynx HAS3 829sq  
XT634 Scout AH1 AACHF  
WG655 Sea Fury T20 FAAHF  
XV647/CU-820 SeaKing HAR5 771sq  
PS915 Spitfire PR19 BBMF  
LS326 Swordfish 2 FAAHF  
ZE837 Tornado F3 25sq  
44-4393 P-63A private  
FR870/GA-S P-40E private  
KL161/VO-B B-25 private  
511371/VF-S P-51D private  
WW397/NE Provost T1 private  
122095 F8F-2P Bearcat private  
88297 Corsair private  
542' Sopwith Camel private  
MJ730/HT-W Spitfire MkIX private  
54137/69 T-6 private  
226671/XM-X P-47H private  


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