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Upper Heyford 1991

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Date: 8 September 1991

Made by: John


G-AMPZ 		DC-3 			Air Atlantique
G-BMID 		Jodel D120 		(overflight only)
G-BSXE 		Bell 206B
NX47DD 		P-47D
NL1051S 	P-51D
N7664S 		Citabria
N91437 		PA-38
XV333 		Buccaneer S2B 		208Sqdn        
XV863           Buccaneer S2B 	        S/No unit marks
XX692           Bulldog T1 	        5/CFS          
WB271           Firefly AS5 	        FAAHF          
XX164           Hawk T1 	        4FTS           
XX203           Hawk T1                 2TWU           
XX289           Hawk T1                 2TWU           
XX290           Hawk T1                 4FTS           
XW303           Jet Provost T5 		127/7FTS      
XW325           Jet Provost T5          E/6FTS  
XX496           Jetstream T1 		D/6FTS          
XV226           Nimrod MR2 		42Sqdn            
XT892           Phantom FGR2 		J/74Sqdn        
XT899           Phantom FGR2            B/19Sqdn
XV408           Phantom FGR2            Z/92Sqdn
XV714           Sea King AEW2A 		80/849Sqdn    
ZA166           Sea King HAS5 		590/810Sqdn    
ZA471           Tornado GR1 		ER/15Sqdn        
ZA556           Tornado GR1             TWCU     
ZA606           Tornado GR1             TWCU     
ZE202           Tornado F3 		AH/229OCU         
ZD953           Tristar K1 		216Sqdn           
ZA150           VC10 			J/101Sqdn               
M2 		Alouette III 		Belg A/F OTZPB/40SM
MT30 		CM170 			Belg A/F 33SM  
FA70 		F-16A                   Belg A/F 10Wing
FB15 		F-16B                   Belg A/F 10Wing
16+28 		Hansa ECM 		GAF JBG-32
37+21           F-4F 			GAF JBG-35     
40+76           Alphajet 		GAF LeKg-49
44+53           Tornado 		GAF JBG-32  
51+05           C160D 			GAF LTG-62    
58+94           Do28D                   GAF JBG-35   
C-7 		Fk27M                   KLU 334Sqdn  
J-208 		F-16B                   KLU 314Sqdn  
J-226           F-16A                   KLU 322Sqdn  
J-231           F-16A                   KLU 323Sqdn  
76-0548 	A-10A                   USAF AR/10TRW
79-0224         A-10A                   USAF AR/10TRW
58-0216         B-52G                   USAF 42BW    
61-0282         EC-135H 		USAF 10ACCS          
65-0245         C-141B 			USAF 60MAW            
67-0022         C-141B 			USAF 63MAW            
63-7699         F-4C 			USAF (BDRF)             
69-7295         F-4G                    USAF SP/52TFW
69-7587         F-4G                    USAF SP/52TFW
80-0050         F-15C 			USAF IS/57FIS "AF1"    
80-0057         F-15C                   USAF IS/57FIS          
84-0009         F-15C                   USAF BT/36TFW          
81-0663         F-16A                   USAF 4/TBirds          
81-0667         F-16A                   USAF 7/TBirds          
81-0670         F-16A                   USAF 3/TBirds          
81-0676         F-16A                   USAF 1/TBirds          
81-0677         F-16A                   USAF 5/TBirds          
81-0678         F-16A                   USAF 8/TBirds          
81-0679         F-16A                   USAF 2/TBirds          
81-0683         F-16A                   USAF 6/TBirds          
87-0223         F-16C                   USAF TJ/401TFW "401TFW"
87-0246         F-16C                   USAF TJ/401TFW "64TFS" 
62-4428         F-105F 			USAF (BDRF)           
67-0033         EF-111A 		USAF UH/42ECS        
67-0035         EF-111A                 USAF UH/42ECS
67-0048         EF-111A                 USAF UH/42ECS
67-0120 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
67-0121         F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
67-0123 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0004 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0007 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0020 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0022 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0026 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0029 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0030 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0034 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0036 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0048 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0049 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW "79AMU"
68-0050 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0055 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0062 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
68-0065 	F-111E 			USAF UH/20TFW
69-6606 	UH-1N 			USAF 58MAS
68-15953 	OV-1D 			US Army 2MIB

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