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Cottesmore 1997

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Date: 17 June 1997

Made by: David Miller


WH791			Canberra PR.7		Inner Gate Guard	    
MM7161	2-21	        AMX		        2nd Stormo	            
MM7171	2-15	        AMX		        2nd Stormo	            
MM6705	4-5	        F-104S		        4th Stormo	            
MM6890	4-11	        F-104S		        4th Stormo	            
MM54508	61-56	        MB339A		        61st Stormo	            
MM54510	61-60	        MB339A		        61st Stormo	            
MM25155	303-22	        P-166DL3	        303rd Stormo	    
MM55002	1-41	        Tornado		        TTTE	                    
57-1506	D	        KC-135R		        100 ARW	                    
ZD575	NZ	        Chinook HC.2	        27(R) Sqn.	    
XS730	H	        Domini T.1	        3 FTS	            
XX385		        Gazelle AH.1		670 Sqn./2 Regiment    
ZD465		        Harrier GR.7	        1 Sqn.	            
XM365			Jet Provost T.3A	Private       G-BXBH
XX496	D	        Jetstream T.1		3 FTS	                    
XV251		        Nimrod MR.2		206 Sqn.            
ZH102		        Sentry AEW.1	        8 Sqn.	            
ZA357	B-05	        Tornado GR.1T	        TTTE	            
ZE831	GF	        Tornado F.3	        43 Sqn.	            
ZD951		        TriStar K.1		216 Sqn.            
ZF140		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	            
"XX241"		        Hawk FSM	        EP&TU	            
37+06		        F-4F			JG73	                            
43+07	G-26	        Tornado	                TTTE	            
43+50		        Tornado	                AKG51	            
44+66		        Tornado	                JbG31	            
46+55		        Tornado	                JbG32	            
44+89		        Tornado	                JbG33	            
45+04		        Tornado	                JbG33	            
43+70		        Tornado	                JbG38	            
45+01		        Tornado	                JbG38	            
45+27		        Tornado	                MFG2	            
Hanger C:				
43+05	G-24		Tornado			TTTE	    
ZA323	B-14		Tornado GR.1T	        TTTE
ZA325	B-03		Tornado GR.1T	        TTTE
ZA330	B-08		Tornado GR.1T	        TTTE
ZA352	B-04		Tornado GR.1T	        TTTE
ZA546	AJ-C		Tornado GR.1	        TTTE
Flightline - Crowdside:				
43+14	G-72		Tornado			TTTE	                                  
43+17	G-33	        Tornado	                TTTE			Flew                              
MM7003	I-39	        Tornado	                TTTE	                                                  
MM55001	I-40	        Tornado	                TTTE	                Flew                              
ZA319	B-11	        Tornado GR.1		TTTE	                                                  
ZA320	B-01	        Tornado GR.1	        TTTE	                Flew                              
ZA321	B-58	        Tornado GR.1	        TTTE	                Flew                              
ZA322	B-50	        Tornado GR.1	        TTTE	                                                  
ZA361	B-57	        Tornado GR.1	        TTTE	                                                  
472773	AJ-C	        P-51D				                Flew	                          
53319	RB-319	        TBM-3R Avenger			                Flew	                          
N54922	3	        N2S-4				                Flew	                          
VP-BPS		        PBY-5A Canso			                Flew	                          
HA-MEP		        AN-2				                Flew	                          
RA0104		        SU-31				                Flew	                          
G-BIRD		        Pitts				                Flew	                          
G-EEGL		        Eagle II			                Flew	                          
G-AOTF			Chipmunk 				        Flew towing glider LO-100  BGA2770
XX638		        Bulldog T.1		CFS		                  
XX704		        Bulldog T.1		East Midlands UAS		  
XM378		        Jet Provost T.3A	G-BWZE		          
R97		        Astir			RAFGSA		                          
"FT239"		        AT-6 Harvard		G-BIWX		                  
XK417		        Auster A.O.P.9		G-AVXY		                  
XR246		        Auster A.O.P.9		G-AZBU		                  
N6965		        Tiger Moth		G-AJTW		                  
G-BXAV	72	        Yak 52			                          
G-CCCP		        Yak 52			                          
LY-ABQ	15	        Yak 52			                          
LY-AFB	I-12	        Yak 52			                          
LY-ALS	69	        Yak 52			                          
LY-ALT		        Yak 52			                          
LY-AMU	42	        Yak 52			                          
LY-AOK	JA-42	        Yak 52			                          
XX227, XX233, XX237	Hawk			"The Red Arrows"
XX252, XX253, XX260	Hawk			"The Red Arrows"
XX294, XX306, XX307 	Hawk			"The Red Arrows"
XX308			Hawk			"The Red Arrows"					
Flightline - Far side:					
ZD434	46		Harrier GR.7		HOCU/20(R) Sqn.		
ZD345	12	        Harrier GR.7	        HOCU/20(R) Sqn.	Flew 
XX235		        Hawk T.1	        4 FTS			Flew                 
XX195	DD	        Hawk T.1A	        4 FTS	                     
XZ175	Z	        Lynx AH.7	        671 Sqn./2 Regiment	Flew 
ZF292		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS			Flew                 
ZF418		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                     
Flying Only:			        	                     
XX745	D		Jaguar GR.1A	        16(R) Sqn.	             
PA474	WS-J	        Lancaster	        BoBMF	                     
PZ865	J	        Hurricane IIC	        BoBMF	                     
AB910	ZD-C	        Spitfire Vb	        BoBMF	                     
	6	        Bf 109G-2	        G-GUSTV	                     

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