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Prestwick 1979

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Date: 23 May 1979

Made by: Ralph Lunt, Airshows 1979 (Midland Counties Publications)


XT781/444	Wasp HAS1		HMS Gurkha Flt 829sq
XW307/5		Jet Provost T5A		6FTS
WJ571/844	Canberra TT18		FRADU
15, 25		Alize			4F/Aeronavale
252		Atlantic		321sq/MLD
RT-662		CF-104D			RDAF
R-758		CF-104			RDAF

Static aircraft near hangars:
XZ573/B-141	Sea King HAS2		826sq
XV658/PW-304	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
XV643/PW-305	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
XZ595		Sea King HAR3		202sq

Flying display:
XS532/457	Wasp HAS1		HMS Nubian Flt 829sq
XZ243/AL-327	Lynx HAS2		HMS Alacrity Flt 702sq
XP150/AN-406	Wessex HAS3		HMS Antrim Flt 737sq
XV710/PW-301	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
XV708/PW-302	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
XV661/PW-303	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
XV674/PW-306	Sea King HAS2A		819sq
TF956/T-123	Sea Fury FB11		FAAHF
WV908/A-188	Sea Hawk FGA6		Culdrose Stn Flt
WV267/836	Hunter GA11		FRADU Blue Herons
WT806/838	Hunter GA11		FRADU Blue Herons
XF977/865	Hunter GA11		FRADU Blue Herons
WT744/868	Hunter GA11		FRADU Blue Herons
XX487/CU-568	Jetstream T2		750sq
XZ116/D		Jaguar GR1		41sq
WL745		Shackleton AEW2		8sq
XL425		Vulcan B2		617sq
02366/LN	F-111F			48TFW
80568/AR	RF-4C			1TRS/10TRW
XM715		Victor K2		55sq
XK137/M		Hunter FGA9		2TWU	landed during show after bird strike
XG155/I		Hunter FGA9		2TWU	*

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