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Alconbury 1986

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Date: 27 July 1986

Made by: Tony Lowther, Frits van Hout

Updated: 29 February 2000

F-5E Tiger II       01534, 01544, 01545, 01549      527 AS/USAFE 
                    01554, 01563, 01566             527 AS/USAFE 
RF-4C               68561/AR, 68563/AR, 68565/AR    10 TRW 
                    68567/AR, 68568/AR, 68583/AR    10 TRW 
F-4E		    74-1622/SP			    USAF c/n 4852
F-4G                69242/SP, 69622/SP              23 TFS 
F-15C               79036/BT, 79043/BT              53 TFS 
                    79046/BT, 80024/BT              53 TFS 
F-16A               82-0977/TJ                      401 TFW c/n 61-570
F-16B               83-1067/TJ                      401 TFW c/n 61-620
A-10A               82647/WR, 81-0962/WR            81 TFW 
F-111E              68080/UH                        79 TFS 
C-23A               84-0471                         322 MAW c/n SH.3118
KC-135E             63607                           151 ARS 
KC-10A              91950                           22 ARW 
C-141B              40649                           437 MAW 
TR-1A               01069                           17 TRW 
F-101F              60312/AR                        BDR 
F-4C                63-7419/SA                      BDR c/n 355
F-4N                153008/NK-111/84-0494           BDR c/n 1466
Bulldog T.1         XX556/S                         EMUAS 
Jetstream T.1       XX498/F                         6 FTS 
Canberra E.15       WJ756/CL                        100 Sqn 
Hawk T.1            XX172/172, XX238/238            CFS 
Jaguar GR.1A        XX738/GJ, XX969                 54 Sqn 
Buccaneer S.2B      XX900/MS                        208 Sqn 
Harrier GR.3        XZ129/09                        1 Sqn 
Lightning F.6       XS933/AJ                        5 Sqn 
Phantom FG.1        XV569/BQ, XV592/BL              111 Sqn 
Phantom F.4J(UK)    ZE353/E                         74 Sqn 
Tornado GR.1        ZA609/MJ                        617 Sqn 
Tornado F.2         ZD905/AV                        229 OCU 
VC-10 K.3           ZA149/H                         101 Sqn 
Victor K.2          XL161                           55 Sqn 
Nimrod MR.2P        XV243/43                        Kinloss MR Wing 
F-16A               J-644                           306 Sqn/ KLu 
F-16B               ET-614                          Esk 726/ RDAF 
Sk-35XD Draken      AT-157                          Esk 725/ RDAF 
F-104G              25+74                           WGAF 
Tornado IDS         43+68                           MFG-1 
N.1002		    G-ATBG        		    c/n 17  121
Hunter F.51	    G-HUNT           		    c/n 41H-680277
B.75 Stearman	    G-THEA     			    'USN' c/n 75-5736A
Pitts S-1	    G-WILD             		    c/n 1017
Zlin Z.50L  	    G-ZSOL          		    c/n 25
Harrier GR.3	    XV744/D       		    RAF c/n 712007
Jaguar GR.1 	    XX119/01			    RAF c/n S12
Jaguar T.2  	    XX840/T   			    RAF c/n B28
F4U-7 Corsair       N1337A '133722/15F-22'	    'French Navy'  
C.180   	    N1755C          		    30455
T-28C   	    N2800Q '140547'		    'USN' c/n 226-124
P-51D   	    N51JJ  '44-63221'	    	    'USAF' c/n 122-39608
FG-1D Corsair	    N8297  '88297'		    'USN' c/n 3111

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