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Wethersfield 1984

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Date: 21 July 1984

Made by: Ian Malcolm


'42265'        F-1OO              (GATE GUARD) 
10651          CT39A              58MAS 
68413/RS       F4E                86TFW 
68404/RS       F4E                86TFW 
69383/AR       RF4C               10TRW 
80557/AR       RF4C               10TRW 
80585/HR       F16A               50TFW 
80612/HR       F16A               50TFW 
81712/HR       F16A               313TFS/50TFW 'LUCKY 313TH' ON DROP TANKS. 
80009/BT       F15A               36TFW 
79059/BT       F15C               35TFW 
79049/BT       F15C               35TFW 
79022/BT       F15C               35TFW 
80031/UH       F111 

XT906/X        PHANTOM GR2        56SQN 
XX186/186      HAWK T1 
XS219/06       JET PROVOST T4     2TWU 
XS732/B        DOMINIE T1         1TWU 
XW351/74       JET PROVOST T5A    1FTS 
XZ211          JAGUAR GR1 
XZ118/F        JAGUAR GR1         41SQN 
XV868/LF       BUCCANEER          12SQN 
ZB628/V        GAZELLE            2FTS 
XZ933/T        GAZELLE            2FTS 
XV181          HERCULES C1 
XV208          HERCULES W2        R.A.E. 
XL426          VULCAN B2 
MH434          SPITFIRE 
XV232          NIMROD 
XX634/C        BULLDOG            C.U.A.S. 
XX657/U        BULLDOG            C.U.A.S. 
XX658/A        BULLDOG            C.U.A.S. 
XX659/S        BULLDOG            C.U.A.S. 
FT323/GAZSC    HARVARD            CIVIL 
WT913          CADET              614VGS 

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