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Gaydon 1968

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Date: 14 September 1968

Made by: Geoffrey Negus


Vulcan 			XM656
Victor 			XA928
Argosy 			XR143
RF-101C Voodoo 		0-60099
F-4C Phantom 		37646
F-100F Super Sabre 	0-63833
Canberra 		WT516
Super Mystere 		50/10-ST	French Air Force
Dominie 		XS734
Hunter 			XG274
Meteor 			WS838
Lightning 		XM177
P.1127 			XP976
Gloster F.9/40 		DG202
Swift 			WK281
Hoverfly 		KK995
Auster 			WE600
Proctor 		Z9967
Spitfire 		PS853
Me 262A-1 		112372
Kawasaki Ki-100-1b 	24
Me 410A-1 		420430
Jet Provost 		XN465
Jet Provost 		XN574
Jet Provost 		XN643
Provosts		WV540
Provosts		XF877

Chipmunk		WD355
Wessex			XR523
Wessex			XR524
Wessex			XR525
Wessex			XR670
Varsity			WF378
Vulcan			XM650
Argosy			XR142
Jet Provost		XP562
Jet Provost		XS184
Whirlwind		XP333
Bassett			XS771
Noratlas		156/61-YB	French Air Force

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